July/Aug 2019


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  • July/Aug 2019


    Welcome to the AWARDS 2019 issue of Professional Paraplanner

    15-pages of Awards coverage including interviews with the winners of the six Paraplanner Awards

    View the magazine here.

    For our Paraplanner Profile, Rob Kingsbury talked to New Paraplanner of the Year 2019 award winner Alana Quinn, who tells how since joining Murphy Wealth, alongside paraplanning, she has been encouraged to use her initiative and take responsibility for key projects within the firm.

    Also in this issue:

    Time management
    Good paraplanners can find they become swamped with additional tasks. If this is you, then it’s time get things back in order

    Sometimes we need to step back from the job we do and take in the bigger picture, says Dan Atkinson, head of Technical, EQ Investors

    TDQ: Taxation of Trusts
    A look at taxation of Bare Trusts, Interest in Possession (IIP) Trusts and Discretionary Trusts.

    Estate planning
    Business relief can be a powerful estate planning tool

    Global dividends have almost doubled in a decade, which is good news for investors seeking income

    Gin mixers and chocolate, two good reasons to invest in small caps

    Professional body
    The Woodford fund news highlighted the need to look deeper under the bonnet when researching, says Jacqueline Lockie, head of Financial Planning, CISI


  • June 2019


    In the June 2019 issue of Professional Paraplanner:

    Paraplanner Profile

    Scott Daniels, director of the PLUS Group, has grown his outsourced paraplanning business from one-man-band to 47 people. We talk to him about the challenges involved and where he is taking the company from here

    Lifetime allowance planning
    If your client has LTA issues, is it better to take money out of a pension pre or post age 75? Charlene Young, senior technical consultant at AJ Bell, presents a case study to illustrate the key points

    SIPP property purchase
    How may a SIPP avoid unnecessary potential tax charges when purchasing a property with commercial and residential elements? By splitting the title. Denton’s Stephen McPhillips explains

    IHT and Gifting
    Six things paraplanners need to know about gifting

    Training, Development and Qualifications
    A look at the taxation of UK life assurance policies with a case study example – of particular relevance to R03 and AF1 exams

    Fund manager Q&A
    The Gravis Infrastructure Fund combines infrastructure and income. We asked the manager William Argent about the fund’s investment strategy and what it can offer investors.

    Consumers deserve and need faster pension transfer times. So, what’s holding back the industry and what can be done about it?

    Can the big brands survive in a world where disruption is ever easier to achieve?

    Your future is in your hands
    ‘When a paraplanner has achieved Chartered or Certified status, what comes next?’, asks Jacqueline Lockie, head of Financial Planning, CISI

    And much more…


  • May 2019


    In your May issue of Professional Paraplanner:

    Kat Mock talks to Rob Kingsbury about starting up her new outsourced business, Unity Paraplanning, and the challenges and practicalities involved

    Dan Atkinson, head of Technical at EQ Investors, looks at recent academic research from the Centre for Ageing Better and how it can be applied to paraplanning

    John Humphreys, Inheritance Tax specialist at WAY Investment Services, demonstrates how two families with the same value of estate might choose different strategies to plan for IHT

    Catriona Standingford, managing director of Brand Financial Training, looks at the similarities and differences between the CII’s AF5 and R06 written financial planning papers and what to expect from each

    Parmenion’s Patrick Ingram delves into longevity and explains why paraplanners need to look beyond ONS figures when undertaking clients’ retirement planning

    Sarah Atkinson, training manager, IRESS, reveals how technology can make a difference to the client experience by enabling that personal touch

    Darius McDermott, managing director, FundCalibre examines Emerging Market debt, an asset with obvious risks but with much to offer

    And Jacqueline Lockie, head of Financial Planning, CISI, considers how client views on managing money are not always aligned with reality


  • April 2019


    Your April edition of Professional Paraplanner is now live.

    This issue we cover the Paraplanning Report 2019, published by Research in Finance. Our 4-page special looks at areas such as paraplanners’ salaries, qualifications and aspirations and the growing influence of paraplanners in the industry.

    For our Paraplanner Profile we speak to Tom Lloyd-Read, head of Advice at Thomas Miller Investment, about using a centralised system of paraplanning and why he thinks more firms will implement this way of working. He also offers advice for paraplanners considering the move into management.

    Along the same theme, for Viewpoint we asked two team leaders for their top three tips for managing a team.

    If you are taking the CII’s AF1 and R03 exams then one area you might not have thought to cover is the personal tax issues for private landlords. Brand Financial Training covers this for us in their regular article.

    For firms who undertake asset allocation and then look to keep their clients invested in the best performing funds in the relevant sectors, we spoke to Clever Adviser, a maths-based fund monitoring and selection system, which focusses on funds’ performance and when they are “coming off the boil”.

    While Fund Calibre’s Darius McDermott delves into how the company researches which fund management teams deliver consistent value for investors.

    Michelle Hoskin argues that while paraplanner is one of the single most important roles in the financial planning profession, it needs clear boundaries.

    And the CISI’s Jacqueline Lockie wants you to help her start a revolution.

    Happy reading!


  • March 2019


    In March’s jam-packed issue we have 10 articles for you plus your usual favourites.

    Our Paraplanner Profile maps the paraplanning career of Grant Callaghan, who was Para-Sols’ first graduate recruit and is now the firm’s head of paraplanning. Rob Kingsbury spoke to him about his views on paraplanning and his journey so far

    Dan Atkinson, head of Technical at EQ Investors, looks at the final opportunity to use unused allowances from the 2015/16 tax year

    Did you know you can use a buddy transfer for clients under the age of 55? Intelligent Pension’s Fiona Tait provides a case study

    As well as our regular exam testing Q&A Catriona Standingford, MD of Brand Financial Training, looks at AF7, the exam with the lowest pass rate in 2018

    And for our article Investing differently, Rob Kingsbury met with Marcel Bradshaw, head of UK Retail at Orbis, to talk about launching into the retail space, performance fees, democratising investing and the company’s status as a charitable trust

    This issue’s articles also cover

    • VCTs and pensions carry forward

    • Why having an effective Centralised Retirement Proposition needs to become the norm

    • 6 tips to help clients be better investment decision makers

    • Using technology to make first impressions count when bringing on a new client

    • What investment opportunities Europe might offer amid ongoing uncertainty

    • And why the bigger picture must inform the selection of the right long-term tech solutions for wealth management firms


  • February 2019


    Welcome to your February 2019 edition of Professional Paraplanner

    For this issue’s paraplanner profile we spoke to Peter Mason, director of PJM Paraplanning and Consultancy Services, about his paraplanning journey, from employed, to self-employed to business owner and his pension transfer specialist work

    Also, we have a plethora of technical and insight articles for you this issue, including:

    • SSAS as an ideal business exit planning tool

    • The use and taxation of discretionary will trusts and how to navigate the first 10 years of exit charges

    • Divorce and re-marriage amongst baby-boomers and the impact on inheritance, requiring talks with clients about their wishes, wills, trusts and tax

    • How the Residence Nil Rate Band (RNRB) can be a good starting point for discussions with clients

    We look at what might 2019 hold for paraplanning, asking in-house and outsourced paraplanners for their views

    And, alongside our regular TDQ Q&A to test your pre exam knowledge, this issue Catriona Brand, MD of Brand Financial Training, provides six easy steps to working out an individual’s income tax liability.


  • January 2019


    This issue we celebrate our 50th edition of the Professional Paraplanner magazine!! Thank you to all our readers, supporters and the team behind the scenes that have worked so hard.

    Paraplanner profile

    The paraplanner we profile for this issue is Jade Mountford, chartered paraplanner with Mazars Financial Planning. She scooped the PFS Paraplanner of the Year 2018 award and talked to PP editor Rob Kingsbury about what that entailed and how she was encouraged to step out of her comfort zone

    Portfolio review

    Nishit Patel, senior paraplanner at Gallagher Wealth, says that while selecting funds for bespoke investment portfolios is now often considered too risky for many businesses, it is still a necessary skill for paraplanners

    Client meetings and new challenges

    In part II of our interview with Chetan Ravalia, paraplanning manager, and Codie Smith, paraplanner at Cooper Parry Wealth, Rob Kingsbury talks to them about where their roles fit in the firm’s new operational structure, their approach to client meetings and the challenges of adapting to a new way of working

    This is what’s holding paraplanners back

    Michelle Hoskin decries the attitude to paraplanning development she still witnesses amongst seemingly progressive financial advice firms

    Paraplanners and technology

    Both are essential to ensure the long-term success of advisory firms, says Mark Harman, CEO at cashflow modelling provider i4C


    • Our regular Q&A provided by Brand Financial Training

    • Investment: How do you construct a bond portfolio in the current economic environment?

    • Due diligence: Why intermediary businesses need to keep abreast of financial services company evolution

    • Investment: Is it time to re-evaluate our value investments?

    • AND Jacqueline Lockie, head of Financial Planning at the CISI explains how too often we are prepared for what we think is needed rather than listening to what is actually needed.


  • December 2018


    Paraplanner profile: This issue, in the first of a two part interview, Rob Kingsbury spoke with Chetan Ravalia, paraplanning manager, and Codie Smith, paraplanner, at Cooper Parry Wealth about how they work as ‘paraplanners’ since the firm restructured

    We also asked Dan Atkinson to provide insight into how his role has changed in his move from paraplanner to head of Technical at EQ Investors

    Also in this issue:
    HMRC’s interpretation of death benefits in respect of IHT where a pension transfer takes place

    Planning for later life care when paired with a desire to leave residual wealth to beneficiaries

    Options when a client wants to exit an onshore bond in the most tax efficient manner

    And insight into the questions one support team gets asked in respect of IHT and ISAs

    Our TDQ (Training, Development & Qualification) regular Q&A and this issue’s article looks at the JO3 and AF2 exams.

    And Michelle Hoskin describes the reaction she received from financial planners from around the world when she talked to them about the paraplanning role

    Finally, our monthly Parameters survey sought your views on the potential impact of Brexit on financial planning for clients and the work of paraplanners.

    Technical Insight Seminars 2019

    We also announce the dates and locations of our Technical Insight Seminars 2019.
    As some of our events last year were oversubscribed, now is the time to register your interest in one of the 15 locations we aim to reach next year, bringing the seminars closer to many more paraplanner around the country.

    Register your interest by email to: louisa.hooper@researchinfinance.co.uk