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  • JUNE 2021


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    Included inside:

    Cover story: Is it time to go outsourced?

    In the new more virtual business environment, is it time you considered moving your career from in-house to outsourced? Fiona Bond talks to outsourced paraplanners about their experiences and views of the current market

    Dan Atkinson

    This issue Dan asks: What does it mean to be wealthy? And how does that affect the paraplanning role?

    Exam R0 focus

    In a new series for Professional Paraplanner, Bespoke Training Solutions’ Luiza Todd addresses common questions the firm has been asked over the years, whilst supporting R0 candidates through their regulated exams.

    Residence Nil Rate Band

    The Brand Financial Training team examine the rules around the residence nil rate band, providing examples to help clarify how the rules apply in practice.

    Lifetime allowance protection

    With so many different variations to consider, lifetime allowance (LTA) protection is now a complicated area of the pension rules. Curtis Banks’ pension technical manager Jessica List provides a summary of the key features of each type of protection

    Suitability tech

    Technology can be used to both ensure greater accuracy of data and speed up the investment suitability process, says Ross Laurie, CEO, Visible Capital

    Well and truly unleashed!
    Michelle Hoskin recently attended one of Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within events. Here she provides some take-aways from the event and why she’s booked to take part in the next event in June 2021.


    Investment trusts: The opportunities ahead
    Rob Murphy, managing director of Financials at Edison Group, examines the trends and opportunities in investment trusts 2021

    Europe’s emerging technology sector

    Could Europe benefit from the next stage in tech sector evolution? Jamie Mills O’Brien, Investment Manager at Aberdeen Standard Investments believes it is positioned to do so.

    Global income
    Asia’s dividend history has been overshadowed by it’s growth story – so don’t overlook the region when it comes to dividend recovery, says Darius McDermott, managing director, FundCalibre

    Buy and sell disciplines

    It’s important to minimise emotional input when buying and selling stocks. Anthony Rayner explains the approach adopted by the Macro Thematic Multi Asset Team at Premier Miton Investments.



  • MAY 2021


    The May 2021 issue of Professional Paraplanner magazine is now live.

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    Professional Paraplanner May 2021 Issue

    Jupiter – Alpha Generation through focused risk management

    In this issue:


    Paul Robertson talks to Rob Kingsbury about the catalyst in his life that prompted his decision to leave his head of Technical role and join The Martin Gallier Project, a mental health support and suicide prevention charity.


    Adam Keen, head of Paraplanning at Arlo International, looks at ESG investing in a way that truly meets client needs

    Professional bodies

    This issue we have contributions from both the PFS and CISI

    Caroline Stuart says the PFS Paraplanner Panel is now back and planning for the future

    The CISI’s Sally Plant considers the ever growing need of the industry to recruit career paraplanners


    We talk to Laura Barnes, head of Intermediary Distribution at Parmenion about how the platform makes things easier for paraplanners

    Dealing with disaster

    There are situations when business priorities and the team around you have to come before clients, says Michelle Hoskin

    Exam prep

    The Brand Financial Training team explore investment ratios

    The Investment Committee

    What is alternative?

    While structured products are categorised as alternative investments, modern portfolio theory shows they can improve the risk/reward ratio of portfolios making them more efficient


    There is a shifting pendulum of ESG in smaller companies, Tzoulianna Leventi, Investment Analyst, Aberdeen Standard Investments explains

    Darius McDermott, managing director, FundCalibre considers whether the current outperformance of value has longer legs than may be expected.

    Thinking ahead

    Premier-Miton’s David Jane says the fund manager prefers to navigate to the future than predict it

    For this issue’s Sector considerations we look at the Healthcare sector


  • APRIL 2021


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    ACCESS THE APRIL 2021 ISSUE HERE: Professional Paraplanner April 2021 issue


    Sally Plant, head of Financial Planning, CISI, talks to Rob Kingsbury about her remit, her ‘wish list’ and why she thinks financial planning is about to see a period of organic growth.

    My money story

    Dan Atkinson, head of Technical at Paradigm Norton Financial Planning, explores how our personal experience of money shapes our relationship with it


    Dentons’ Stephen McPhillips explains the process of in-specie transfer of assets between SIPPs

    Exam study

    This issue Brand Financial Training team focus on the State Pension – old and new

    Are digital exams here to stay?

    Has the CV-19 pandemic changed the way we approach regulated exams forever?


    Bradley Goodman says there were three elements that helped him succeed in the pre-graduate placement he won during the pandemic at Cathedral Financial Management


    Do you work for a ‘happy’ business! If not, is there something you could do about that? asks Michelle Hoskin, MD of Standards International



    Andrew Millington, head of UK equities, Aberdeen Standard Investments asks whether it is time to increase exposure to domestic equities


    How can paraplanners help clients navigate an ESG ETF market proliferating with investment terms? Premier Miton Investors’ Wayne Nutland provides insight into this maze-like market


    There are plenty of opportunities to be had, especially for the investor with a longer time horizon, says FundCalibre’s Darius McDermott


    By expanding their knowledge of Socially Responsible Investing, paraplanners and advisers are helping clients to put their money where their values are


    This issue: Latin American equities


  • MARCH 2021


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    CLICK HERE TO ACCESS YOUR COPY: Professional Paraplanner March 2021

    In this issue:

    SPECIAL REPORT: EIS: An 8-page special on Enterprise Investment Schemes, why, where and how paraplanners use Enterprise Investment Schemes with their clients, the motivation for investors to put their money into EIS, given they are high risk investments, and a 3-page guide to help paraplanners research Enterprise Investment Schemes and recommend them to the right clients.



    Reece Edwards, Technical and Research Manager at Hampshire Hill, tells Rob Kingsbury about the succession plans that will see him and a colleague take the helm at the firm.

    Exam study: Mortgages

    This issue the Brand Financial Training team examine mortgages and what paraplanners need to know for a range of exams.

    Creating excellence
    How might you achieve excellence in everything you do? And continue to do so? Michelle Hoskin explains The 4E’s of Excellence™

    My Responsible investment journey

    Rebecca Kowalski describes how she came to be passionate about responsible investing and helped develop her firm’s RI proposition

    Digital identity

    What is Electronic Verification and why is it important?

    5 minutes with…

    Barry Foster talks about joining Curtis Banks at the end of 2020 and how he will be delivering technical information for paraplanners and advisers


    Currency twist?

    Will the dollar fall from its perch? Edward Smith, head of Asset Allocation Research, Rathbones, takes a view and outlines what it may mean for global investors

    Market valuations

    Should we be worried about market valuations – or is that the wrong question entirely? asks Fund Calibre’s Darius McDermott

    Fixed income

    Could 2021 be fixed Income’s most challenging year yet? There’s the possibility of pain ahead but Central Bank policy could alter the market equilibrium, says Aberdeen Standard Investments’ James Athey


  • FEBRUARY 2021


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    CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE FEBRUARY 2021 ISSUE: Professional Paraplanner February 2021 

    Waiting for you inside:

    Viewpoint: Dan Atkinson considers a daily renewal process that can help us destress, stay safe and thrive in 2021.

    Profile: Debbie Condon, founder of Intuitive Support, has been vocal about the industry’s cumbersome administration processes

    Pensions tax planning

    Early planning is needed around pensions at the end of an unusual tax year

    Loans from Trust

    Case studies showing where loans from Trust have been used to help family members achieve their financial goals

    Remittance Basis of Taxation

    A look at the alternative tax rules in place for those people who are UK resident with overseas income and gains but are not UK domiciled.

    The Paraplanner Club

    The Paraplanner Club is a mentoring initiative devised by Siân Davies Cole and Chloe Phillips and sponsored by Professional Paraplanner

    Mental ‘W’health!

    Michelle Hoskin used Lockdown to take Mental Health First Aider training – opening her eyes, she says

    The Investment Committee

    China: Going mainstream

    As China’s stock market opens up, its A shares are being incorporated into mainstream indices

    Which bonds for 2021?

    Flexibility in the bond market will be essential this year, which is where strategic bonds may win out

    Investing for Yield

    The advantages of using goal-based asset allocation to construct an income portfolio

    Sector: This issue we look at the value of the pound


  • DECEMBER 2020


    INCLUDING: VCT SPECIAL REPORT. An 8-page special including a Guide to VCTs, illustrating the benefits of VCTS and how they can be used as a powerful planning tool for clients in a variety of different scenarios, a Q&A on VCTs and their importance in supporting UK smaller businesses, and we talk to paraplanners about when and how they use VCTs and with which clients.


    In this issue:

    Paraplanner community

    In this issue’s Paraplanner Profile, Aishling Costello, paraplanner with Fidelius, tells Rob Kingsbury how getting involved, asking questions and stepping outside her comfort zone is the way she has progressed her knowledge and experience of paraplanning

    Dan Atkinson, head of Technical, Paradigm Norton Financial Planning reflects on an unprecedented year and what it has taught him

    Rob Kingsbury catches up with Blake Ellis, PP cover star in October 2018 and now director and technical paraplanner at outsourced firm Prudent Paraplanning

    And focusing on motivation, Michelle Hoskin, managing director of Standards International asks what personal development positives have been learned in 2020 which can be carried forward into the New Year?

    Technical and tax

    We ask John Calverley, chief economist of newly launched investment support firm Tricio Investment Advisors, why he believes there are five reasons to be worried about inflation

    The Brand Financial Training team examine the High Income Child Benefit Charge, focussing on the detail that can see families become liable to pay this charge and options to help avoid it.

    The Investment Committee

    In this issue, our writers look at:

    • How investing in renewable energy can combine financial returns with positive impact
    • Three investment areas which could prove interesting in 2021
    • Why ESG research, engagement and analysis puts it at the pinnacle of active investing, according to one proponent
    • And our sector analysis looks at why separating the wheat from the chaff when investing in small-cap funds has never been as important as it is today


  • NOVEMBER 2020


    INCLUDING: Business Property Relief Social  Eight pages of insight into when and how BPR may be used within financial and tax planning and with which clients it tends to resonate, including a three-page guide to all things BPR.


    In this issue:

    Paraplanner community

    For our Paraplanner Profile we talk to Kim Bendall, whose new company offers paraplanning, practice management, training and consultancyWe also catch up with Jade Connolly, PP cover star in October 2015, talking to her about her career progression from paraplanner to M&A adviser

    And… Rebecca Tuck talks about moving firm during the Coronavirus crisis to become a paraplanner with Paradigm Norton Financial Planning

    Technical and tax

    Stephen McPhillips, technical sales director, Dentons Pension Management, considers pension scheme death benefits and provides an update following the recent Supreme Court Judgment.

    The Brand Financial Training team looks at tax quirks that apply to discretionary trusts.

    Intelliflo’s Richard Wake looks at how technology can facilitate the suitability report writing process


    Michelle Hoskin plots a course that can help firms move from the position where one or two people in isolation are making all the decisions to an entire team working for the benefit of the business

    The Investment Committee

    In this issue, our writers look at the structural changes in the UK due to Covid-19 and what this means for investors; whether gold can really be a long-term investment from this point onwards; and whether central bank policy has created a culture of dependency which will culminate in the breaking of the markets.


  • OCTOBER 2020


    DOWNLOAD your copy of the October 2020 issue of Professional Paraplanner HERE: Professional Paraplanner Magazine October 2020

    Paraplanner profile

    In early September 2020, outsourced paraplanning firm Plan Works relaunched following founder Nathan Fryer being joined by experienced paraplanner Siân Davies Cole. Rob Kingsbury spoke to them about partnering up, what they will be offering financial planning businesses and their plans to grow the business over the next few years.


    In an honest and open article, Damian Zhang, paraplanner at Foster Denovo, describes his experience with mental health issues and provides practical advice for individuals and for employers in understanding and dealing with the issues that can arise

    White paper writing

    Recently, Dan Atkinson, head of Technical at Paradigm Norton, had the opportunity to co-author a white paper on potential tax increases, aimed at helping the firm’s clients to understand the potential impact on their financial plans. Here he describes the process.

    Exam lockdown

    Lockdown’s effect on this year’s exams meant candidates suffered from cancelled and re-arranged exams, while issues with remote invigilation for some CII exams also caused headaches. We spoke to Ann Mora, operations manager at Brand Financial Training, about what happened and how things look now.

    Team talk

    At the heart of any good business and work stream is good communication and… collaboration. We need more of it, says Michelle Hoskin, managing director Standards International

    Professional body

    CISI’s Jackie Lockie finds that writing a financial plan using the client’s own words doesn’t always provide a defined picture of what the client wants and an actionable strategy

    Game plan

    Is the current market, economic uncertainty and noise around potential tax hikes causing clients concern around tax planning and affecting firms’ advice? We spoke to paraplanners about their experiences

    IHT planning with a power of attorney

    Jessica Franks, head of Tax, Octopus Investments, shoes how clients can achieve their estate planning objectives when a power of attorney is in place

    The LTA charge

    Should the Lifetime Allowance charge be avoided at all costs or are there circumstances where it is worth the client paying the charge? Dave Downie, technical manager, Standard Life


    Certainty of income

    David Hambidge, director of multi-assets at Premier Miton, considers the problems in producing a sustainable income in a world where uncertainty rules

    Japan – what next?

    Darius McDermott, managing director, FundCalibre, looks at the legacy of Japan’s Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and following his announced resignation, where there may be potential concerns for investors

    Destructive capitalism

    Does recovery from Covid-19’s impact require more of a Darwinian than a Keynesian approach? David Coombs, fund manager, Rathbone Multi-Asset Portfolio Funds takes a view

    Sector considerations

    This issue the Fund Calibre team look at the UK Equity market




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