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  • September 2017



    Paraplanner Profile

    Caroline Stuart tells Rob Kingsbury what her role as head of Technical Solutions at DB Wood entails, how she thinks paraplanning will progress as a profession, and why she is the host at this year’s national Paraplanners’ Powwow

    Day in the Life of…

    Ever wondered how an investment analyst at an asset manager spends their day – Benoit Labeyrie, Europena equities analyst at Architas spills the beans.

    Vulnerable clients

    Ask who your vulnerable retirement clients are and you may be surprised by the answer

    DFM due diligence

    A look at processes that can help paraplanners improve due diligence on their discretionary fund manager partners

    Preparing for MiFID II

    The implications for advisory firms of MiFID II and three ways to minimise its impact

    Investment Bonds

    How UK investment bonds can be used to achieve tax efficient growth


    Plus we highlight some top tips on Suitability Report Writing from the recent Howwow seminar


  • July/August Issue


    Professional Paraplanner – THE AWARDS ISSUE

    Welcome to the latest issue of Professional Paraplanner in which we celebrate our inaugural awards.

    This issue we’ve changed our viewer for the magazine to html5, which does away with the need for you to download the Adobe Flash Player every time it updates. It’s a slightly different format. We like it, we hope you do too.

    Lined up for you inside:

    Paraplanner profile
    Kat Mock, winner of our Paraplanner of the Year Award 2017, tells us about her career, working in-house and outsourced, and what excites her about trust planning

    The Awards
    The full list of all the winners and shortlisted entries for Paraplanner of the Year, Paraplanner Team of the Year, Personality of the Year and the companies that you nominated as the winners of our provider awards

    Paraplanner Team of the Year
    We also interview Marie Smith, paraplanning manager at Cooper Parry Wealth, on what made her team the Paraplanner Team of the Year.

    ALSO in this issue:

    My process for carrying out DB Pensions transfers

    Long term care
    The suitability of an investment bond wrapper

    Property in a SSAS
    When a residence is not ‘taxable property’

    Suitability report writing


  • June 2017


    Welcome to the June 2017 issue of Professional Paraplanner, marking our third anniversary serving the paraplanning community.

    It has been a thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring journey over the past three years. Thank you all for reading and we look forward to providing you with quality content for many more years to come.

    In this issue:

    Paraplanner Profile

    Christina Georgiou, paraplanning manager at John Lamb, is not afraid to challenge the status quo, she tells PP editor Rob Kingsbury

    Paraplanning Standard

    At Professional Paraplanner’s Technical Insight Seminar, Michelle Hoskin told the audience “the future is yours”, laying out where she believes the market is heading, paraplanning’s place within it and providing an update on the Paraplanning Standard

    Paraplanning 2017

    Highlights from our recent study into paraplanning in the UK, in association with Architas.


    In this extended Paraplanner Pointers, an AF examiner offers tips for candidates when prepping to take their exams

    Inheritance tax

    Transferring a nil rate band is a valuable option in tax planning. How can it be best applied and where does it sit alongside wills and trusts?

    Vulnerable clients

    Jacqueline Lockie, deputy head of Financial Planning at CISI, discusses the ethics around identifying and best serving vulnerable clients


  • May 2017


    Welcome to our May 2017 issue, jam-packed with good content for you.

    Please click here to read to your digital version

    Here’s some of what you can see inside:

    Paraplanner Profile

    In this issue’s Paraplanner Profile Rob Kingsbury talks to Rebecca Tuck, who moved from large financial company to new launch, five-person firm, Magenta Financial Planning. We talk about the transition to the smaller firm, the challenges and the rewards of that, her role now and how she runs her day

    Suitability reports

    Seven tips on suitability report writing provided by Brooks Macdonald


    What goes wrong with Transfer advice? A look at the most common issues with pensions transfers and hints on how to avoid them

    Running a paraplanning team

    Rob Kingsbury talks to three team leaders about how their paraplanning teams are set up and the pros and cons they have found in the way they work


    One paraplanner’s approach to suitability report writing and a useful annual allowance calculator


    You asked: ‘Is a hybrid paraplanning/advice role a good move for a qualified paraplanner?’ We spoke to someone going through that process for his view.


  • April Issue


    The latest edition of Professional Paraplanner is now live. Click here to access your copy.

    In this issue:

    Paraplanner profile

    Hugh Johnson has ridden the wave of interest in paraplanning. He talks about his route to becoming head of paraplanning at Sanlam UK and the challenges of running a team of 17 paraplanners.

    Three reasons not to invest in ethical portfolios

    Dan Atkinson looks at reasons why people eschew ethical investing


    Promulgation of a ‘safe’ withdrawal rate for drawdown investors is a dangerous, this writer suggests

    Retirement income

    Why it has never been more necessary to consider property within overall retirement planning

    Platform due diligence

    With paraplanners knee-deep in due diligence, what should they ask potential platform providers?

    Using QROPS post March 2017

    Following the changes to overseas pensions rules in the Spring Budget, why and where might clients still need QROPS and specialist international financial planning?

    And in this issue’s Viewpoint, Sam Tonks of The Time Bank considers the plight of the generation without a golden pension and how Government might help instill a better retirement savings culture in the UK.


  • March 2017


    As always, we have some great features lined up for you in this issue:

    Click here to view

    Paraplanner Profile
    Neil Clarke of Montfort International, says dealing with the complexities of helping clients move their finances overseas is the most satisfying job of his 25-year career in financial and insurance services.

    The Innovative Finance ISA launches in April. But where do they sit on the ISA tree, and what can clients hold in them? Crowdfunding debt is one option.

    Paraplanning Standard
    PP cover star Jenny Ryan volunteered to be on the Paraplanning Standard committee. In this issue’s Viewpoint, she tells why and what she believes the Standard can do for paraplanning as a profession.

    Our technical articles this issue look at
    • Flexible trusts and how they are often undervalued when dealing with IHT and LTC issues
    • The imminent introduction of the Residential Nil Rate Band; we profile a tax case study of just when and where it applies and the pitfalls to look out for
    • The issues arising from ownership of non-standard assets in a SIPP.

    Plus, the CISI’s Campbell Edgar tells how a paraplanner in his firm stopped a costly scam from robbing a client of tens of thousands of pounds


  • February 2017


    Your digital copy of Professional Paraplanner is available for you to download. Click here to access your issue.

    • Paraplanner Profile: For this issue’s profile we talk to EQ Investors’ Victoria Groves. Victoria grew up in a financial planning family – her father, uncle and cousin are all financial planners, so she was bound to go into financial planning, wasn’t she?

    • On the front line: Dan Willers explains why being involved in client meetings has made his job so much easier

    • Viewpoint: Kelly Guttridge had one question when she went to the recent Powwow South West: Am I a paraplanner?

    • Investment: Gearing used to be an issue for investment companies but things have changed, says Ian Sayers chief executive of the AIC

    • Regulation: 12 key areas of MiFID II with which all adviser firms should be familiar

    • Pension death benefits: A look at the options, opportunities and issues to be aware of around pensions and legacy planning

    • Case study on SIPP property purchase: Borrowing limits and how to address them


    • Pointers: Top tips when prepping for exams
    • Parameters: Your views on online services and robo-advice
    • Comment: The Paraplanner Apprenticeship
    • Investment outlook 2017


  • January 2017


    IN THIS ISSUE – Click here to view

    • Paraplanner Profile: Peter Cross, paraplanner with London Wall Partners, describes his paraplanning role and his passion for helping philanthropic clients do the most good with their money

    • Tax: The residential nil rate band (RNRB) comes in from April 2017. Marcia Banner, senior tax and trust consultant of Technical Connection, examines the purpose, implications and IHT planning opportunities of the RNRB

    We have two articles on the Lifetime Allowance for you this issue:

    • What investment options are open to a client approaching the LTA limit?
    • What happens if a client has breached the LTA?


    • SIPP property case study
    • Top tips on winning industry awards
    • Adapting annuities to the post Pensions Freedoms world
    • Why administrators should not be under valued
    • Comment: Plan for a range of scenarios in 2017


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