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  • December 2016


    Your digital copy of Professional Paraplanner is available for you to download. Click here to access your issue.

    Paraplanner profile
    In this issue we talk to Cathy Russell, who took what she loved best about her experience as a paraplanner to become a tax and trusts specialist, and now delivers training and advice to financial services firms all around the country.

    DB Pensions Transfers
    Kim Bendall, director of The Paraplanners, takes an in-depth look at defined benefit pensions transfer process and asks whether a review of a client’s final salary scheme now should be de rigueur?

    Report writing
    Dan Atkinson provides some top suggestions around the art and science of communicating with our audiences.

    Adam Piplica asks whether the Advice Gap is more a Knowledge Gap and what we can do to help educate consumers around financial planning?

    Due diligence
    Brooks Macdonald provides a seven-step process to help research the DFM market.

    Business (Property) Relief
    Hayley Broad continues her series of articles looking at how her firm uses this tax planning tool within the business.

    Just when you think things are going one way… Murphy’s Law steps in.


  • November 2016


    Your digital copy of Professional Paraplanner is available for you to download. Click here to access a jam-packed issue – our biggest yet!
    In this issue:

    We talk to CISI Paraplanner of the Year Jenny Ryan, who tells us how she set her sights on becoming a paraplanner and why her award celebrations were low key.

    In Paraplanner Pointers we get insight and tips from a compliance consultant on assessing Capacity for Loss.

    In a 7-page special report we look at retirement income, the issues that paraplanners are tackling and the solutions they are using; plus how structured products could be part of an income portfolio.

    We get advice on conducting due diligence on discretionary fund managers and the best sources of third-party data.

    We’re given a potted history of reversionary trusts and their tax advantages.

    We consider AIM investment as part of IHT planning.

    And Michelle Hoskin of Standards International writes an open letter to all paraplanners on the Paraplanning Standard.

    Plus much more.


  • October 2016


    In the October issue of Professional Paraplanner –

    Paraplanner Profile

    Matt Harrison says good paraplanners grow into the role through hard graft, experience and an ability to see the bigger picture. That can’t be fast tracked, he argues.

    Powwow 2016

    PP editor Rob Kingsbury reports on some of the highlights from this year’s annual Paraplanner Powwow

    Paraplanner Comment

    Regular contributor Dan Atkinson looks at the benefits of apprenticeship schemes and argues that more financial advice firms should consider running them.

    Business property relief

    BPR is in its 40th year. Hayley Broad, director and head of Research at Absolute Financial Management, looks at its benefits and how through due diligence firms can mitigate the risks involved for the client and the business.

    Phased strategies in retirement planning

    A look at how phased strategies may be used to generate retirement income at different ages through retirement.

    Longevity planning

    The fact we can’t predict a client’s age at death means financial advice needs to have all the bases covered.

    DFM due diligence

    Key points paraplanners should consider when assessing third party discretionary investment services


    In her monthly comment piece for PP, Sam Rees Adams, head of External Accreditation, CISI, looks at what best motivates people to change their behaviours – the carrot or the stick?


  • September 2016


    Your September issue of Professional Paraplanner is Live.

    In this month’s packed issue:

    Paraplanner profile: Farida Hassanali, paraplanner with UBS Wealth Management, tells Rob Kingsbury about how she knew from an early age that she wanted to help people sort out their finances and has steered her career to that end. Also how she feels it is important to give back through her work for the CISI and for charities like St John’s Ambulance.

    In this issue, we go back also to interview five of the cover stars from the first year of Professional Paraplanner, to see where they are today.

    Also in this issue

    Paraplanner Pointers looks at one useful government website that has had a face-lift and now “looks great” according to one paraplanner business owner.

    Generating retirement income when the base rate is 0.25%

    The risks and benefits of DB transfers

    A SIPPS Masterclass on tax-efficient holding of commercial property

    Technical Insight Seminars

    Professional Paraplanner is bringing its popular Technical Insight Seminars to Manchester and Bristol this autumn. Hear from the technical experts on the pensions, tax, investments as well as keynote speeches from the FCA’s Rory Percival and Chris Hewitt.

    Manchester 5 October; Bristol 9 November.

    If you’ve not registered your interest yet just email us on: mailto:[email protected] spaces are extremely limited.


  • July 2016


    In this issue:


    In this issue’s Paraplanner profile Benjamin Fabi, paraplanner with Jones-Sheridan, reveals his chequered job history, including wotking for the Financial Ombudsman Service.


    We report on the Professional Paraplanner Technical Insight Seminar

    As well as the regulator’s view of research and due diligence and the insights and tips given by FCA lead associate Chris Hewitt in his speech at the CISI conference

    We talk to Kimberley George about her newly launched outsourced paraplaning service, Integrated Paraplanning Solutions

    Dan Atkinson ponders data visualisation and data mining

    And we report on discussions sat the latest Powwow Down South

    Bookings are now being taken for the Professional Paraplanner Technical Insight Seminars in Manchester on 5 October and Bristol on 9 November. Register here


  • June 2016


    In this issue of Professional Paraplanner

    Paraplanner profile

    We profile Christina Melling, who moved home, leaving behind a legal job and her family to become a trainee paraplanner with Clarion Wealth Planning. Rob Kingsbury talked to her about her decision, what her role entails and her ambitions

    Pensions Dashboard

    Pensions Dashboard could give clients access to pension valuations at the touch of a button. George Osborne wants to see it implemented in 2019. Paul Pettitt of Origo explains what is involved in establishing a working dashboard by that deadline

    Why CISI?

    We speak to Campbell Edgar, newly appointed head of Financial Planning for the CISI, about the professional body’s support for paraplanners including launch of the Paraplanner Interest Group

    Due Diligence

    Does your CIP and platform research and due diligence stack up? A look at the issues and practicalities arising post the FCA’s FG12-16 and more recent TR16/1 papers

    Also in this issue:

    Structured products – why UK providers are ahead of the regulatory curve

    Your questions answered – responses to paraplanners technical questions

    Parameters survey on cashflow modelling

    From credit crunch to income crunch

    The benefits of a blended investment solution


  • May 2016



    Paraplanner Profile

    We profile Kim Bendall, director of The Paraplanners, who talks about her baptism of fire as with no experience of running a business she had unexpectedly to take the helm of the firm. We also talk about making the transition from being a full-time paraplanner to also being a director of the company.

    Conference report

    We report from the first of the Personal Finance Society’s Purely Paraplanning conferences, which was held in London, focusing on the paraplanner panel sessions, when three volunteers answered questions from their paraplanner peers.

    Also in this issue:

    Spreading the word about paraplanning at a local school’s careers fair.

    JP Morgan’s Stephanie Flanders provides an economic viewpoint on the risk and reward trade off, while Standard Life’s head of Global Strategy Andrew Milligan looks at the global picture and assesses how investors should position to cope with the current environment.

    FE analyst Thomas McMahon conducts a data analysis on just how much active fund managers improve the skewness of returns.

    We hear about how robotics is developing from a thematic story to a global growth megatrend.

    And the CISI’s Sam Rees-Adams considers the benefits we can all gain from experiencing influences outside of our day-to-day roles.


  • April 2016


    Spring is here and so is the April issue of Professional Paraplanner.

    Click here to read your digital copy.


    Paraplanner profile: Cathi Harrison

    In 2009, having sold her car to give herself three-months money in the bank to pay bills, Cathi Harrison started work as a freelance paraplanner. Since then, she has built Para-Sols into a sought-after outsourced paraplanning firm with offices in Darlington and Leeds and 13 staff.  We talk to her about her business journey.

    Paraplanning Standard

    Do you agree there should be a paraplanning standard, to help define what a paraplanner really looks like? We report from the debates recently held around the country.

    Platform due diligence

    You’ll want to read our 4-page feature in which we talked to seven platform providers about what paraplanners should ask of their platforms over and above the usual questions.


    A return of the popular series from FE outlining useful tips when using FE Analytics.

    Active management

    Smart Beta has been the new catch phrase used by supporters of passive investment strategies but what about ‘Smart Alpha’ and is it worth paying the extra for?

    PLUS: Comment from Dan Atkinson and the CISI’s Sam Rees-Adams; Paraplanner Pointers; biotechnology as a megatrend; Para-meters.

    Technical Insight Seminars

    We are pleased to announce that Rory Percival will be a keynote speaker at the first of the Professional Paraplanner Technical Insight Seminars 2016, to be held in London on 8 June 2016.

    We’ll also be hosting Seminars in Bristol and Manchester later in the year.

    For more information on the Seminars click here.

    To register your interest in attending one of the Seminars click here.



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