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  • DB pension schemes looking to bring in IFAs to help with ‘freedoms’

    22 October 2019

    Over a third of defined benefit pension schemes have appointed or are considering appointing an adviser to help their members better navigate the pension freedoms, according to XPS Pensions Group. Research published by the pensions group found an increasing number of trustees and sponsors are looking to provide more support to help their members...

  • Annual allowance – time to rework the excess contributions refund rules?

    21 October 2019

    Given the massive issues that are being caused by the annual allowance, if the limit stays the same then HMRC needs to rework the refund rules, suggests Gareth James, head of technical at AJ Bell HMRC released statistics at the end of September showing an incredible jump in the number of savers who had...

  • Tax planning using gifts from surplus income (with case study)

    20 October 2019

    John Humphreys, Inheritance Tax Specialist at WAY Investment Services, examines the ability to gift out of surplus taxable income and how this can be used in conjunction with trusts to provide greater planning flexibility. The ability for people to gift out of surplus taxable income (the normal expenditure out of income exemption), offering immediate relief...

  • Lack of joined-up thinking on pensions allowances spotlighted

    17 October 2019

    The new triple lock figure serves to illustrate a lack of joined-up thinking on pensions allowances, according to industry commentators. UK inflation grew by 1.7% in September, meaning pensioners are now set to receive a 4% increase in their state pension from next April, matching the rise in average earnings, as a result of...

  • Pension data, pension protection and social care, key points from the Queen’s Speech

    14 October 2019

    Pension schemes will be compelled to provide data to pensions dashboards and new laws will protect individual’s pensions savings, while action around social care was promised as part of the new Pension Schemes Bill announced in the Queen’s Speech.  Addressing the House of Lords, Queen Elizabeth said: “To help people plan for the future...

  • Govt called upon to address complicated pensions landscape

    13 October 2019

    The Office of Tax Simplification has called for the UK government to review its “complicated” pension rules and ensure clear guidance on the tax issues is made available to pension savers.  As part of its Life Events review: Simplifying tax for individuals report, the independent body urged the government to review the annual and...

  • Comment: What chance a cut in pension tax relief?

    13 October 2019

    Ian Browne, pensions expert at Quilter takes a view When budgets get tight people often start looking at what is costing them the most and where they can start to save. The government is no different and pension tax relief is often one port of call when they need to cut back on the...

  • SIPP Market head-to-head debate

    13 October 2019

    With increased regulation, governance and the potential repercussions of court cases to deal with, we asked: Can smaller SIPP providers survive? Here, Claire Trott, chair of The Association of Member-Directed Pension Schemes and Greg Kingston, Group communications director, Curtis Banks, give their views. First published in the October 2019 issue of Professional Paraplanner Can...