October 2018


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  • Pension Dashboard will go ahead

    5 September 2018

    In a Commons statement Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVeyhas said the government will be backing the industry to deliver a Pensions Dashboard.  The statement said the industry-led dashboard would be “facilitated” by government, harnessing “the best of industry innovation” and that Government would ensure “that the interests of pension holders are safeguarded and...

  • ‘Simply Saving’ plan to slash pension tax relief would save Govt £10bn

    4 September 2018

    Pension tax relief reforms put forward by a leading think tank could increase distrust and complicate the pensions system, industry commentators have warned.  The Centre for Policy Studies has proposed abolishing tax relief on pensions and replacing it with bonuses on individual and employer retirement savings contributions and a Workplace ISA. In its “Five...

  • Cashcalc enables users to create own suite of tools

    4 September 2018

    Cashflow planning software provider CashCalc has launched a modularised approach to enable users to create their own suite of tools according to their needs. The decision to modularise means advisers can create a suite of financial planning tools ideal for them and only pay for what is in their package. The entire suite of...

  • Employers baulk at paying for workers’ financial advice

    3 September 2018

    Nearly three quarters of employers are not willing to pay for financial advice for their employees, despite recognising the benefits of doing so. According to research by Chase de Vere and research group Lightbulb, just 27% of employers plan to include a cost for financial advice for employees in their 2018/19 budget. This was...

  • Self-employed risk pensions crisis

    2 September 2018

    A pensions crisis could be looming for self-employed workers, with a large percentage not saving into a pension, new research from Prudential has warned. Its nationwide study found more than two fifths (43%) of those working for themselves admit they do not have a pension, compared to just 4% of those in employment –...

  • Survey highlights top reasons for cash flow modelling software selection

    30 August 2018

    ‘Ease of use’ and the ‘quality of visual and graphical images’ are the two leading attributes advisers consider when choosing cash flow modelling software, according to research by Focus Solutions. The software provider said both factors scored 29% in a survey of seven adviser firms and networks representing over 11,000 advisers.  ‘Cost and integration...

  • How to avoid the annual allowance speed traps

    27 August 2018

    Karena Woodall, consultant, Mattioli Woods, looks at how clients can avoid being charged on pensions contributions highway Back in July it was reported that a British tourist on holiday in Dubai rented a £270,000 Lamborghini Huracan for two days, leaving his passport as security. He then proceeded – in the early hours of the morning- to break...

  • Government risks LISA backlash

    19 August 2018

    AJ Bell has warned that the government would risk the wrath of young voters if it scraps the Lifetime ISA. The pension provider said the product has proved popular with consumers so far and to get rid of it now would be “ludicrous” and cause uproar among younger generations. The Lifetime ISA was first...