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  • Company benefits help protect wellbeing of older workforce

    2 January 2020

    Unconscious ageism in the workplace continues to be an issue for employees of all generations, new research from AIG Life has revealed, but employers are addressing an ageing workforce through group benefits.  Nearly one in 10 (9%) of over-50s said they did not tell colleagues they had turned 50 for fear of being considered old. The...

  • LEBC launches ‘Bionic Advice’ App

    1 January 2020

    Advice firm LEBC has launched a new app to enable it to roll out its ‘bionic advice’ service to clients.   The app, called Hummingbird, allows clients to track their spending and access key information on their savings and investments, including ISAs and pensions, all in one place as a result of open banking...

  • Life expectancy average rises for both sexes

    19 December 2019

    The average life expectancy for men and women in Britain has risen in the past three years, according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics. The average lifespan of men increased by 7.4 weeks to 79.3 between 2015 and 2018, while for women, it rose by 4.6 weeks to 82.9 years....

  • Advice firms call for integration of protection products into CRM and cashflow

    8 December 2019

    Advice firms would like to see insurers integrate with their practice management and cash flow planning tools to enable them to better support their clients taking out insurance cover, the Financial Technology Research Centre (FTRC) said. According to a study published by the research consultancy, the three leading areas of friction between insurers and...

  • MetLife UK set for record claim volumes

    5 December 2019

    MetLife UK says it is on track to pay record claim volumes in 2019, with claims paid in the first nine months of 2019 currently at 92% of the total paid in 2018. The company said it had paid 10,449 claims compared with around 11,400 for the whole of last year. The value of...

  • Need for financial plans to be included in wills

    4 December 2019

    There is a need for financial plans to be included in wills, as research shows that a large percentage of clients are not taking into account their advisers’ financial advice when estate planning. The latest figures from Canada Life found that just one in three (31%) advisers say that all or most of their advice...

  • How obtaining insurance for clients with diabetes is being made easier

    28 November 2019

    Obtaining insurance for clients with diabetes is being made easier by improvements in underwriting, explains Helen Dick, senior manager Underwriting and Claims Strategy, Scottish Widows With cases of diabetes on the rise, access to insurance for those with the condition has never been more important. We know that diabetes is a contributory factor to...

  • PIMFA campaign highlights finances and mental health link

    26 November 2019

    The Personal Investment Management and Financial Advice Association has launched a new campaign to highlight the importance between financial and mental wellbeing. The ‘Financial Journeys’ campaign aims to raise awareness of the stigma surrounding mental health and the reluctance to discuss money, with research showing that money and mental health are often linked. Studies...

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