July/Aug 2019


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  • Two camps for pension freedoms drawdown

    7 August 2019

    Savers are split into two camps when it comes to taking advantage of the pension freedoms, with those with smaller pots tending to withdraw more income per year. But figures also prove there is no typical drawdown client, with the rate of drawdown fluctuating.  According to Royal London’s Drawdown Governance Service, a tool used...

  • New guide for complex retirement solutions

    1 August 2019

    Punter Southall Aspire has launched a new guide stressing the importance of regulated financial advice to help people plan for complex retirement solutions such as drawdown and access the best investment products.  The guide coincides with research from the Association of British Insurers published in June, which found that many people were entering drawdown...

  • Decumulation advice – greater industry focus needed to cope with exponential growth

    31 July 2019

    Advisers have warned that there is not enough industry focus on decumulation, despite expecting the number of clients requiring advice in this area to rise. According to research from Heartwood Investment Management, over three fifths (61%) of advisers said there is insufficient focus paid to decumulation, yet the overwhelming majority (86%) expect exponential growth...

  • Hear from Rory Percival at this autumn’s Technical Insight Seminars

    31 July 2019

    This autumn – September to November – we will be taking the Technical Insight Seminars to eight more venues around the country, including new venues Glasgow 18/9, Leeds 2/10 and Reading 23/10. We will be joined once again at selected venues by ex-regulator Rory Percival. Hear what Rory will be talking about in his session.  The seminars...

  • FCA to impose contingent charging ban over fears of ‘unsuitable advice’

    30 July 2019

    The FCA has proposed a ban on contingent charging for defined benefit transfers in a bid to stop consumers receiving unsuitable advice. In its latest consultation paper, the regulator warned it fears too many advisers are delivering poor advice, driven by conflicts of interest in the way they are paid. According to the findings,...

  • Should a Pension Transfer Specialist be CF30?

    17 July 2019

    ATEB’s Steve Bailey says the compliance consultant’s team recently pondered the question ‘Does a Pension Transfer Specialist (PTS) need to be a CF30?’ and came to a view.  Requirement for a PTS COBS 19.1.1A states: “A firm must ensure that advice on pension transfers, pension conversions and pension opt-outs is given or checked by...

  • Later life care fund idea gaining in popularity

    15 July 2019

    Nearly half of people would be happy to save into a fund for care bills, if the money could be left to family when they die.  In a nationwide study carried out by insurer AIG Life, a special fund which could be passed to beneficiaries was ranked the most popular option by (48%) of people, with...

  • Importance of Lasting Powers of Attorney under estimated by clients

    8 July 2019

    Financial advice group Chase de Vere has warned that Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) remain under-used and mired by confusion, potentially causing stress and concern to clients. While the number of people using LPAs – a legal document that lets clients appoint one or more people (attorneys) to help make decisions on their behalf...