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  • Why VCTS are more relevant this year than ever

    23 February 2020

    PThe increased focus on pension contribution limits have brought venture capital trusts (VCTs) further into the advice spectrum, says Paul Latham, Octopus Investments.  Advice firms are increasingly turning to venture capital trusts (VCTs) particularly as tightening limits on pension contributions have meant more clients need an alternative way to invest tax efficiently. It has made VCTs...

  • Dynamic Planner preps cashflow planning tool for launch

    17 February 2020

    Dynamic Planner is launching a cashflow forecasting tool, as it looks to develop the software system as a one-stop-shop approach to risk-based research and financial planning. Talking at DP’s annual conference, founder and CEO Ben Goss flagged the disconnect between a typical advice firm’s systems and tools. He said research by the company shows...

  • 76% of people have no idea of their retirement income

    17 February 2020

    New research has revealed that three out of four (76%) of over-55s couples do not have an approximate figure in mind when it comes to how much they will receive in retirement income. The survey, a nationwide study by Openwork amongst over 1,000 adults, also revealed 64% of over-55s couples have not sought advice...

  • i4C adds lifetime allowance (LTA) functionality to cashflow tool

    13 February 2020

    Uk based cashflow planning software provider i4C has added lifetime allowance (LTA) functionality to its forecasting tool. With increasing numbers of people likely to be impacted by the complex lifetime allowance charges in the future, i4C said it is critical that a cashflow application can automatically calculate these charges and incorporate them into a client’s financial...

  • F.I.R.E. Could this be a new strategy for a new decade?

    13 February 2020

    Maybe, says Jacqueline Lockie, head of Financial Planning, CISI. First published in the February 2020 issue of Professional Paraplanner In 2019 what is probably best described as a financial movement became more prominent in the USA. It is called Financial Independence, Retire Early (F.I.R.E). We love our anacronyms don’t we. So, what is it...

  • Chancellor’s pension contribution tax raid would be ‘a step too far’

    11 February 2020

    Reports speculating that Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid will announce cuts to the pension tax relief in next month’s Budget, have drawn warnings from experts that changes would raise complexities that could severely dent savers’ confidence in pensions, a “step too far” that would result in a diminished pensions savings environment. One of the...

  • Join us at our Team Leader, Investment Committee and Technical Insight Seminars

    9 February 2020

    This year Professional Paraplanner is running three series of events around the country – our Team Leader, Investment Committee and Technical Insight Seminars give paraplanners access to experts in their fields and tackle issues and provide insights from the point of view of the paraplanner. These are paraplanner exclusive events.  At Thursday’s Professional Paraplanner Team Leader Seminar held...

  • Advisers want Pension Dashboard as priority, Standard Life survey shows

    3 February 2020

    Nearly three quarters of advisers want the government to prioritise the roll out of pensions dashboards this year, as the House of Lords criticised the Pension Schemes Bill for failing to include enough detail on the proposal. Research by Standard Life revealed 71% of financial advisers want to see a framework for pensions dashboards...

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