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  • Investing for the next generation – quirks and pitfalls of the most commonly used account types

    7 May 2019

    In the UK, it is forecast that £5.5 trillion will be transferred through the generations over the next 30 years.[1] So how might people consider saving for children or grandchildren? Three of the most common ways to invest for children under 18 are through ISAs, SIPPs and bare trust investment accounts. Grant Blakey, technical resources...

  • Care cost concerns impact retirement spending

    30 April 2019

    Baby boomers are increasingly concerned about how they will fund care costs, potentially impacting the way they spend their retirement. New research among those born between 1946 and 1964, shows that nearly four in ten (39%) boomers said concern over future costs will hold them back from spending more in retirement, while 30% said...

  • Financial wellness requires mental space to tackle important decisions

    29 April 2019

    People are not devoting the time to making important decisions around their finances and need to create the time and mental space to do so, new research has shown. One in five (19%) consumers say they put off financial admin because it’s too time-consuming, while 17% find it too stressful, according to research by...

  • Women’s long-term financial plans most at risk

    25 April 2019

    Women risk being thrown into ‘financial meltdown’ in the event their relationship breaks down, because of a lack of individual pension rights and financial plans.  New research from Royal London has revealed that 45% of women living with a partner were not confident or did not know if their long term financial plans would...

  • Post baby boomer savers need to sacrifice more take-home pay for retirement

    10 April 2019

    The ‘good times’ of rapidly rising retirement incomes may be coming to an end. It follows the latest retirement income figures from the Department for Work and Pensions which showed that average weekly income for all pensioners was £304 in 2017/18, almost twice the £161 recorded in 1994/95, but down from £317 in 2016/17....

  • Maximising pension allowances

    7 April 2019

    Daniel Hough, wealth management consultant, Mattioli Woods, looks at the issues for clients seeking options to maximise their pension for retirement through additional contributions. As we know, the most you can personally pay into your pension (and get full tax relief) in a tax year is up to 100% of your relevant UK earnings,...

  • Industry concerns over Dashboards timeframes

    4 April 2019

    Commentators flag details around legislation, inclusion of state pension and ‘significant amount of work’ yet to be done before dashboards become reality Work and pensions secretary Amber Rudd has given Pensions Dashboards the green light following an industry consultation, but ongoing Brexit uncertainty means proposals could be delayed beyond the year. In a statement,...

  • Client concerns around retirement shifting, say advisers

    2 April 2019

    As the pension freedoms approach their fourth birthday, new research by Aegon shows a complex and evolving retirement landscape, with retirees’ priorities shifting as many take advantage of the greater flexibility offered by the freedoms.  Thirty-eight percent of advisers surveyed said running out of money was the greatest concern of their clients, while 32%...