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  • November 2018


    In the November issue of Professional Paraplanner, we talk to Rebecca Tuck, CISI Paraplanner of the Year 2018, about why she entered the award and how her role at Magenta Financial Planning has evolved in the past two years (and since she was our cover star in May 2017.

    In Paraplanner Pointers, we highlight tips on how to deal with the interruptions to your working day, in particular when you need to get your head down and get on with a report.

    Alongside our monthly TDQ Test Your Knowledge quiz, Brand Financial Training’s Catriona Standingford looks at the incidence of Powers of Attorney being tested in CII exams AF1 and J02

    Our tax articles this issue look at:
    • How to help clients escape the Lifetime Allowance trap, which has been catching more and more tax payers in recent years
    • And in navigating the complexities of inheritance tax, what are the advantages of Business Property Relief over gifting?

    Following on from Good Money week, editor Rob Kingsbury talks to Bryn Jones, manager of the Rathbone Ethical Bond Fund, about why he changed the ethical screening process and how he balances achieving ongoing positive returns with the fund’s investment philosophy.

    Other investment articles include:
    • Why have risk targeted multi-asset portfolios become increasingly popular with advice firms?
    • What is attracting more investors to investment companies and the practicalities of using them

    And in the second of a series of articles looking at the Paraplanning Standard, Michelle Hoskin outlines how the Standard Committee of financial planning professionals identified the needs the Standard had to meet.


  • October 2018


    Welcome to the October 2018 issue of Professional Paraplanner

    For this issue’s Paraplanner Profile, editor Rob Kingsbury spoke to Blake Ellis of Simpson Financial Services about why he feels cash flow modelling is core to all clients’ plans and the benefits of being the sole paraplanner in a small firm

    Do you think the professional bodies could be doing more for paraplanners?
    Caroline Stuart, newly elected member of the Personal Finance Society board, tells why she stood for election and what she wants the PFS to do for paraplanners, while Dan Atkinson, member of the CISI Paraplanner Interest Group, looks how the professional bodies are tuning into what paraplanners want

    Also, in this packed edition:

    Why paraplanners have a golden opportunity to carve out their own career paths

    Michelle Hoskin delves into what the paraplanning offers the profession

    Discussions and tips from this year’s national Paraplanner Powwow

    PLUS, we have articles on
    • Client segmentation in preparation for PROD
    • The Age 75 conundrums
    • Why it’s not Brexit that is keeping Aberdeen Standard Investments’ Andrew Milligan awake at night
    • Busting the myths and misconceptions around multi-asset investing
    • Central Retirement Propositions – generating retirement income for clients
    • And, as we enter VCT fund raising season, a look at benefits and risks of these structures


  • September Issue


    In your September issue of Professional Paraplanner

    Paraplanner profile
    Editor Rob Kingsbury spoke to the paraplanning team at Chadney Bulgin, about how they operate both a dedicated and a pooled unit within the business

    Changing jobs
    Jenny Madhoo, paraplanner at A2+B Wealth, suggests points paraplanners should consider when moving to a new company

    Becoming a paraplanner
    Damian Corley tells how becoming a paraplanner is the biggest risk he has taken professionally

    Technical: Carry Forward
    Fiona Tait, technical director, Intelligent Pensions, looks at three different factors to consider when using carry forward for a client’s pension payments

    Training Development and Qualifications
    Alongside our Test Your Knowledge exam refresher, Catriona Standingford of Brand Financial Training looks at the Securities Advice and Dealing exam and what it offers paraplanners

    Technical: Planning for school fees
    Canada Life’s Kim Jarvis presents a case study on how to use onshore bonds to pay the next generation’s school fees


  • July / August Issue


    In your bumper edition of Professional Paraplanner this month we have two specials for you:

    Click here to read

    The Professional Paraplanner Awards 2018 – We celebrate our second year of awards, recently held at the Grange St. Paul Hotel, London
    AND a Tax Special. In this 8-page section, we look at inheritance tax – the way paraplanners approach IHT, due diligence on BPR providers, and a case study which shows how you can cascade wealth down the generations using an international investment bond.

    Also in this issue:

    Paraplanner team profile – Cooper Parry Wealth’s David Carroll tells editor Rob Kingsbury how the team is always looking to push themselves further as individuals and as a team

    Test your Knowledge: A Q&A to help you prepare for this year’s exams

    EQ Investors’ Dan Atkinson looks at matching an investment strategy to the client’s wider ethical views

    TDQ: The RO2 exam and how to work out the yield on a bond

    A look at corporate bonds and where they go from here given this their negative total return YTD.

    And the CISI’s Jacqueline Lockie looks at children returning to the parental home to live and why this is a serious concern and causing new scenarios that need to be addressed in financial planning, including cashflow assumptions.


  • June 2018


    For this issue’s Paraplanner Profile editor Rob Kingsbury talked to Sarika Dhanjal, Paraplanning Team Manager at Tenet, about her role, how the team operates and the business’ new outsourced service.

    See the accompanying video too, where Sarika discusses how her role differs from the norm, in that although she is running a paraplanning team, she is not a paraplanner herself. She talks about what her day-to-day role entails and where it fits within the Tenet business.

    ALSO in this month’s issue:

    TDQ: Our training development and qualifications article focusses on Pensions.
    Catriona Standingford looks at the pensions transfers papers, specifically AF7.

    Death benefits: Two case studies emphasising the need at review to check the client’s death benefit nominations are still appropriate

    Stand up, make a difference: More people are questioning their investment choices relative to their own values. But what does that mean for financial planning?

    Dynamic dashboards: Continuing our series of articles on back-office and CRM software, Sara Row, senior solutions consultant IRESS looks at using dashboards more effectively, to improve your efficiencies and workflow

    India: An investment destination that, of late, has been lacklustre. When this BRIC country underperforms, how should investors react?

    Government bonds: While Government bonds may provide a degree of insurance, at what cost is that?

    Lifecycle of a VCT: A look at the three stages of the VCT and when it’s best to buy in.

    Comment: There are inevitable differences in the actual roles and responsibilities undertaken by paraplanners, which paraplanners need to tackle if we are to push the profession forward, says the CISI’s Jacqueline Lockie


  • May 2018


    Welcome to the May 2018 issue of Professional Paraplanner

    In a few days we head out for the first of 11 Technical Insight Seminars around the country, starting in Woodbury Park, Exeter. I’m looking forward to meeting faces familiar and new at our events. If you would like to come to Woodbury there are a couple of places left so get in contact with our events team at info@researchinfinance.co.uk.
    You can find out more about the events on pages 14-15 of our May issue.

    ALSO in this issue of the magazine:

    Paraplanner profile
    Rebecca Lucas talks to Rob Kingsbury about setting up outsourced firm Lime Paraplanning, and the challenges she has faced over the past five years

    Business Relief
    The benefits and drawbacks of using Business Relief in inheritance tax planning

    Tax and VCTs
    Five top tips to consider when choosing a VCT

    Cathi Harrison, managing director of Para-Sols set up her new company Apricity to change the way compliance support is delivered for advisers and paraplanners, she tells Rob Kingsbury

    Five Minutes with…
    For this issue’s Q&A we talked to Martin Tilley, director of Technical Services for Dentons Pensions

    Software insight
    In a first in a series of articles into back-office and CRM software, Sara Row, senior solutions consultant, IRESS, explores some of the capability of XPLAN

    AND for those of you taking exams over the summer

    Training, Development and Qualifications
    Test your knowledge in preparation for this summer’s CII exams.


  • April 2018


    Our Paraplanner profile this issue is Grahame Hopper, chartered financial planner at VWM Wealth, who tells how taking time out to travel helped him to realise the job he wanted and scoop the PFS Paraplanner of the Year award.

    Click here to read


    For our Technical, Development and Qualifications article we look at why RO3 is considered a difficult exam and how to study for it.


    You can test your knowledge in preparation for upcoming exams using our regular quiz.

    5 minutes with…Rory Percival

    Attendees at our Technical Insight Seminars this year will hear from a range of speakers. Rory Percival is one of them. We asked him about his views on paraplanners, professionalism, file review and suitability.


    We have two articles for you this issue, the first is an 8-point guide for when investing in property via a SIPP, while the second looks at how parents can help their children buy a property by using their SIPP and without incurring a large tax bill.


    If you’re interested in AI and developments around it then you’ll want to read the article written by Richard Lightbound of ROBO Global, who delves into robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence as one of today’s most compelling investment opportunities.

    You’ll find all this and more inside


  • March 2018


    Our Spring editions get under way with a Paraplanner Profile on Team Building.

    Click here to view your March issue

    In this issue’s Paraplanner Profile, Jonny Stubbs, head of Technical Support at LIFT-Financial, explains how he was brought in by the firm to build its paraplanning team, and talks about his role and his vision for the team

    TDQ: Your route to Chartered
    Catriona Standingford uses a case study to illustrate a potential route through, what can be, a complicated landscape

    Paraplanners tell how they manage relationships with multiple advisers

    Planning insight
    Dan Atkinson looks at how we define clients’ relationship with money and just where it sits in their financial plans

    Should structured products be considered mainstream investments? Ian Lowes thinks they have proved their worth

    High yield bonds
    We asked a perhaps not-so-simple question: What’s the outlook for bonds?

    The Walking Dead
    We’ve entered a new world where it’s will all about assessing risk and more focused investment strategies, says Rathbone’s David Coombs


    TDQ: Test your Knowledge
    We continue our training development and qualifications series with another 10 questions as part of your exam prep.