28 September 2022

Welcome to the October 2022 issue of Professional Paraplanner, the magazine for paraplanners, financial technicians and administrators.

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Defusing an IHT timebomb

More mature taxpayers are paying the lion’s share of inheritance tax. One reason is the tendency to retain readily realisable funds

Estate planning

We can help clients better understand their estate planning if we reframe how we approach it, argues Dan Atkinson, head of Technical, Paradigm Norton Financial Planning


The We Are BRAVE training consultancy, look at how people can assess their approach to create better conversations

Paraplanner comment

Everyone can have moments of self-doubt but are they a bad thing? Alan Gow, director Argonaut Paraplanning and PFS Paraplanner Panel member takes a view

Tax planning

LIBF’s Richard Cooper examines what the recent rise in cash account rates means for clients, in terms of tax liability and protection of assets

R0 Focus

BTS’s Luiza Todd looks at some of the challenges faced by candidates sitting the R06 unit


The Brand Financial Planning team consider tax reductions which exist for those who are married or in a civil partnership


How do we measure how good we are at our roles outside of success in exams?


Market assessment

If inflation is now structural, investors need well run income paying funds, says Premier Miton’s David Jane

UK small caps

While UK small caps re considered a riskier investment, paraplanners can take advantage of volatility in the sector, says Darius McDermott, managing director, FundCalibre

UK opportunities

To what extent does the UK still present opportunities for investors? Rob Kingsbury spoke to Rachel Reutter, senior fund manager and analyst Eoghan Reid on the JOHCM UK Opportunities fund

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