February 2018


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  • Transact integrates with Voyant cashflow modelling tool  

    11 May 2017

    Transact has now integrated with Voyant software. The platform is also intergrated to CashCalc, Prestwood’s Truth and Paraplanning Online ppolCALCS. These integrations mean paraplanners and advisers are able to use information about their clients’ Transact Portfolios in their chosen cash flow modelling software.  This helps minimise duplication of data entry and to ensure that client plans...

  • Powwow Down South – highlights from the discussions

    8 May 2017

    Rob Kingsbury reports on discussions from the recent paraplanner mini-Powwow held in London. [Powwows are held under Chatham House rules whereby the content may be reported but not who said what.] When planning this first 2017 Powwow Down South, the three organisers – Alan Gow of Argonaut Paraplanning, Nathan Fryer of Plan Works and Dan Atkinson of...

  • CashCalc and Paradigm strike deal on financial planning tools

    17 April 2017

    CashCalc’s online suite of financial planning tools is to be made available for the firms supported by the Paradigm network. The deal will arm the network’s adviser firms with more financial planning tools, to help to further develop the quality of their compliance process and enhance client engagement within the financial planning process. The...

  • Prestwood partners with Model Office for roadshows

    12 April 2017

    Cashflow modelling and back-office provider Prestwood Group is running a series of free events around the country, in partnership with Model Office, aimed at helping adviser businesses keep up with regulatory change as well as ensuring their business is profitable and compliant. This is in conjunction with the launch of a business consultancy, expanding on the one-to-one...

  • AJ Bell launches CGT calculator tool

    10 April 2017

    AJ Bell has launched a new capital gains tax (CGT) tool to help advisers and paraplanners monitor and manage clients’ CGT liabilities. The CGT tool is designed to enable users to quickly see capital gains and losses for each investment held in General Investment Accounts on the AJ Bell Investcentre platform.  The tool can also be...

  • ABI announces Pensions Dashboards prototype built and delivered on time

    31 March 2017

    Proof that technology to connect everyone in the UK with all their pensions in one place can be built has been proven by the delivery of the Pensions Dashboards prototype on time, says the Association of British Insurers (ABI). The project, which should one day allow people to see all of their pension savings...

  • SIPPs biggest recipients of DC pension transfers since Pensions Freedoms, Origo data reveals

    30 March 2017

    Data released by Fintech company Origo has revealed where pension transfers were being made from and where they were going to pre and post Pensions Freedoms. The not-for-profit company operates the Options Transfers service, which since 2008 has handled the industry’s contract pension transfers. There are more than 90 brands – pension providers, administrators...

  • 13 March 2017: Live web debate on current financial landscape

    10 March 2017

    13 March 2017, from 10am, SimplyBiz Group is hosting a live web debate on the current financial landscape. Participating in the debate are Sir Steve Webb of Royal London, John Lawson of Aviva and Phil Rickards of BM Solutions.  The broadcast, will address major issues currently affecting the investment, pensions, regulation and mortgage markets, as well as...