May 2018


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  • Rory Percival publishes guide to risk profiling tools

    13 September 2017

    Rory Percival has published his much awaited report on the capabilities of the major risk profiling tools in the market and raised concerns around the tools’ limitations and “significant differences” in mapping asset allocation. Rory Percival has published his new report – An ex-regulator’s guide to risk proofing tools – as an independent follow up to the concerns raised by the...

  • Adviser firms without a social media policy at risk

    10 September 2017

    Social media continues to grow in popularity among UK adviser firms as they seek to attract new clients, but failure to put in place social media policies could put them at risk, warns Intelliflo. Seven out of 10 users of Intelliflo’s specialist adviser software, Intelligent Office, now engage with social media for business, up...

  • Qualifications and training – upskilling online can help close the advice gap

    28 August 2017

    The industry needs new advisers and paraplanners to fill the skills gaps in the advisory market. One way to achieve that could be through online training and qualification courses that engage with the way people actually want to learn, says David Tait of Redmill Advance. Over the past couple of decades, the number of...

  • Helping clients visualise pension transfer risks and rewards – cashflow over stochastic modelling

    22 August 2017

    Julie Lord, director of Prestwood and chief executive of Magenta FP, says she shares the FCA’s concerns around simple use of stochastic modelling when advising on DB transfers. It requires a more rounded approach, she argues. In its recent consultation paper on pensions transfers – CP17/16 – the FCA expressed concerns about consumers’ ability to...

  • 7IM integrates 7IMagine App with Intelliflo’s Intelligent Office

    10 August 2017

    Seven Investment Management’s (7IM) App, 7IMagine, is now integrated with Intelliflo’s Intelligent Office, enabling clients’ personal and financial information to populate 7Imagine, removing the need for rekeying. Details of a client’s family, any properties held, as well as any financial or physical assets are able to be systematically loaded into 7IMagine to enable the use...

  • Industry disconnect seen as cause of DB pension transfer delays

    10 August 2017

    Standard data set and automated transfer solutions would formalise the information required and help speed up DB transfer process, says Origo. New research from Origo has highlighted how the significant increase in demand for DB transfers has led to processing issues throughout the transfer process, creating delays for pension scheme members and frustrations for...

  • DB Pension Transfers – The Value of Doing Nothing

    31 July 2017

    I’m not known for quoting the great British philosophers, but Pooh Bear once said, “Don’t underestimate the value of doing nothing.” Without doubt, occupational transfers are risky business and the riskiest occupational transfer of all has to be when a brand-new client tells you they want to transfer their DB scheme. Just what do...

  • New industry body launched to ‘revolutionise’ data movement and automation processes

    26 July 2017

    Criterion, an independent, not-for-profit industry body for Standards and Governance has been launched to take forward and expand upon the existing work undertaken over the past 25 years by Origo in the UK’s long-term savings, investment and protection markets. Caroline Mansley has been named as managing director and said that keeping the consumer front-of-mind...