Scottish Widows live for valuations on Dynamic Planner

21 September 2023

Scottish Widows is now live for valuations on financial planning system Dynamic Planner.

The new integration with the Scottish Widows Platform enables Dynamic Planner users to onboard and value new and existing clients in preparation for their client review or cashflow planning.

The integration will run alongside the existing Advance by Embark Integration while Scottish Widows completes its migration of Advance clients to the Scottish Widows Platform later this year.

Advisers can use Scottish Widows’ technology to access over a hundred fund managers, as well as thousands of mutual funds, UK listed equities and Exchange Traded Assets within Dynamic Planner’s one system.

Scottish Widows Platform recently announced it had partnered with the Origo Integration Hub to deliver time- and cost-saving data integrations with advice firms’ customer relationship management (CRM) solutions and that it further upgraded its adviser platform, to provide access to the financial modelling software Voyant.

Chris Jones, proposition director at Dynamic Planner, said the partnership with Scottish Widows Platform will help advisers better support clients.

Jones said: “The Scottish Widows Platform is now live for valuations in Dynamic Planner, and financial planners can begin to onboard and value clients ahead of Advance by Embark Platform closing. For a limited period of time, both integrations can be used. This is yet another example of our commitment to ensuring our users can support their clients throughout and deliver increasing value more efficiently.”

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