Royal London encrypts bulk email communications with Mailock

2 October 2023

Royal London has implemented bulk encrypted email automation via Mailock, the secure email service from Origo and Beyond Encryption.

Developed by Beyond Encryption, Mailock is a highly effective way for financial professionals to communicate with clients. There are over 50,000 financial advisers already utilising the solution, frictionlessly facilitated by Origo’s Unipass Identity, which is exclusively integrated with Mailock.

Royal London went live with Mailock in January 2021 for single use email but has now expanded its capability to be able to send automated bulk emails fully encrypted.

It also moves bulk communications away from print, pack and post, thereby reducing its carbon footprint.

Commenting on the adoption of Origo’s bulk email encryption, David Law, Customer and Adviser Experience Team, Royal London, said: “We’re excited that Royal London is leading the way on bulk encrypted email automation. and taking great steps forward in delivering reductions in cost and carbon footprint.

“It’s vital that we continue to upgrade available technology to ensure that clients’ data is kept safe and secure without making the process arduous for advisers. Adopting Origo’s latest encryption service reinforces our existing security measures and demonstrates our commitment to making processes smooth while protecting data at all times.”

Anthony Rafferty, CEO of Origo, added: “By embracing secure email communication in bulk instead of relying on traditional paper and post methods, Royal London is not only enhancing the safety of its interactions with customers, but also contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

“This transition underscores Origo’s dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions while helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint, making it a win-win for both our industry and the planet.”

Paul Holland, CEO of Beyond Encryption, commented: “Beyond Encryption is committed to providing a secure and ecological alternative to postal correspondence. We are delighted to continue supporting Royal London in their transformative efforts, offering a solution that aligns with their commitments to reduce carbon emissions and enhance digital experiences – for both businesses and clients.”

Main image: fly-d-mT7lXZPjk7U-unsplash

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