Verve Group launches new training service service

12 January 2023

The Verve Group has launched an enhanced flexible T&C service – Enable Training – which aims to help individuals in finance reach their career goals no matter at what level they are starting from, while saving time and resource for employers.

The new service has its foundations in the compliance T&C regulations but provides full and flexible support to upskill teams.

The group said, with Consumer Duty placing more of an onus on a consistent client-based culture on a firm, internal training can help an entire firm meet the relevant outcomes from top to bottom, with evidence on file where needed.

Firms and individuals can access the training in a variety of ways, depending on need:

  • Access to the new Foundation in Finance course for those brand new to the industry.
  • Build a career in a specific role, whether Adviser, Paraplanner, Administrator or in Compliance.
  • For those in a senior post – then enhancing knowledge in a specialist area, or moving on to the next level

The new service provides technical knowledge, practical skills training and qualification support to help people within a team, no matter where they are in their career, do the job confidently and develop their career potential.

Paul Sylvester-Evans, head of Verve Training: “The Enable training programmes are a step up from regulated T&C schemes. While still ensuring the team is compliant, we add on the human coaching aspect and practical skills that help individuals reach their career goals feeling fully supported and empowered.”

Cathi Harrison, CEO of The Verve Group: “We are excited to launch this evolution in our training offering with Enable training. The mix of tech to deliver training and exam support in an engaging way together with the people coach individual attention is the way that the industry is moving in delivering better outcomes for clients. By delivering training in the same we are paving the way forward for the future of the industry while still keeping people at the heart of advice, whether they should be.”

For more information about the Enable service visit the webpage HERE.

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