February 2019


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  • Cashcalc invites suggestions for integration

    18 November 2018

    Cashflow planning software provider CashCalc is inviting its users to put forward integrations they would like to see CashCalc develop.   It follows a recent announcement by the company that it has adopted an open integration policy, allowing CashCalc to integrate with a company if it will benefit both the adviser and their clients. Ray...

  • Focus launches new client-interactive software

    8 November 2018

    Fintech provider Focus Solutions has designed new software aimed at making the advice process an interactive and streamlined experience. The company described focus:digital as a game-changing digital platform for anyone on the client-facing side of financial advice, including wealth managers, advisers and banks. The company said the software had four key areas; acquiring and...

  • Oxford Risk tool looks to match investors to ‘suitable’ investments

    1 November 2018

    Risk profiling specialist Oxford Risk has launched new technology aimed at matching investors to suitable investments. The Compass technology provides a psychometric risk-tolerance assessment, combined with a risk capacity calculation to create an investor’s long-term risk profile, in addition to nine other behavioural insights and a knowledge and experience assessment. Oxford Risk said together...

  • Cashcalc implements two-way Intelliflo integration

    31 October 2018

    Cashflow planning software provider CashCalc has launched two-way integration with Intelliflo’s Intelligent Office following growing demand from adviser firms for this type of data exchange. Since the integration’s initial launch at the start of the year, which only enabled data to be sent from Intelligent Office to CashCalc, users have been calling for the...

  • Pension Dashboard given boost by Budget

    29 October 2018

    Government provided further backing for the Pensions Dashboard today in the Budget red book, following the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s speech in Parliament. The red book outlined further details on the Pensions Dashboard, saying: ‘The government is taking steps to support the launch of Pensions Dashboards, innovative tools that will for the first time allow an...

  • IRESS launches client portal for XPLAN

    29 October 2018

    Financial technology business IRESS has launched a client portal in response to growing demand for more personalised and convenient self-service access. IRESS said that its clients, which include advisers, wealth managers, planners and mortgage brokers, wanted a core service that would enable them to communicate securely and efficiently with their own clients. It follows...

  • Cashcalc launches TVC & APTA tool with help of Rory Percival

    16 October 2018

    Provider of cashflow planning software CashCalc has launched a TVC & APTA tool with the help of former FCA technical specialist Rory Percival. The new tool will act as a standalone module and is designed to aid advisers navigate the complexities of defined benefit pension transfers. Ray Adams, director and in-house chartered financial planner...

  • FE launches Ex Ante Costs and Charges Calculator for Analytics

    15 October 2018

    Research and ratings provider FE has launched a new tool designed to provide advisers with a transparent view of all the pre-sale charges they must disclose to clients under the MiFID II regulation. The FE Analytics+ Ex Ante Costs and Charges Calculator prepopulates the ex ante investment product charges for all funds in a...