September 2016


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  • urquhart-stewart-2

    7IM rolls out paraplanner support programme

    28 September 2016

    Seven Investment Management has set out plans to offer a paraplanner support and training programme, comprised of a series of events in Q4 2016 and into 2017. The company announced it has already hosted one session in London. The next is in Manchester on 27 October, followed by another session in London on 15 November....

  • World change

    Are global markets poised to perform?

    27 September 2016

    Larry Hatheway, group head of Multi Asset Portfolio Solutions and group chief economist at GAM, provides a view on growth in the global markets. Over the past month, global equity returns reached a plateau in the face of rising bond yields. Equity market gains have stalled as investors reduce their allocation to ‘bond refugees’...

  • Paraplanners Powwow 2016

    Paraplanner Pointers: Percival on Fact Finds

    26 September 2016

    In his presentation at the Paraplanners Powwow, FCA technical specialist Rory Percival flagged issues the Regulator had with the frequency that fact find information was updated or new fact finds were undertaken. From the file reviews that the FCA was undertaking, Percival said, it was clear that many fact finds had been conducted some time ago...

  • bar graph and %s

    Policies and politics: the impact on income

    23 September 2016

    Recession, elections, inflation and more quantitative easing are all factors to be considered when assessing forward markets, says Mike Bell, global market strategist, JP Morgan Asset Management The market’s somewhat eerie summer lull, abruptly shattered by tumbling equity and bond indices in early September, was never truly sustainable. Now, investors are starting to question...

  • time-and-money

    FinTech company to speed up DB to DC pension transfer times

    22 September 2016

    Not-for-profit FinTech company Origo says it will help speed up DB to DC pension transfers by facilitating the process through its Options Transfers service. Origo is facilitating DB to DC transfers through its Options Transfers service. The service already handles DC pension to pension as well as pension to annuity transfers. Origo says the business procedure that pension providers and...


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