July 2016


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  • Tilley Martin

    Case study: Dangers of reallocating funds in a SSAS

    25 August 2016

    Martin Tilley, director of Technical Services, Dentons Pension Management looks at a case where family members reallocate funds within a SSAS structure One area to be aware of in respect of multi-member schemes is the temptation to reallocate funds from one member to another – or to apportion growth in a manner that is inconsistent...

  • Steve bailey ATEB

    What you need to know about PRIIPs and the new rules on disclosure

    24 August 2016

    The FCA has issued Consultation Paper CP16/18 so that firms can prepare for the new disclosure rules that take effect on 31 December 2016. ATEB’s Steve Bailey highlights what advisory firms should know and do  The disclosure requirements will apply to all PRIIPs that are made available to retail investors. We’ve had Packaged Products and...

  • Cowan, Richard BWD Search

    Brexit from a recruiter’s perspective

    24 August 2016

    Richard Cowan, senior consultant at BWD, looks at the aftershock of Brexit leave vote and whether it has affected the employment market for paraplanners. On Thursday June 23rd 2016 many of us went to bed having voted in the EU referendum looking forward to hopefully a good night’s sleep. Did we think what might actually happen the...

  • Iwanicki, George_JPMorgan

    Value opportunity – Are emerging markets turning around?

    23 August 2016

    Emerging markets may finally be going from ‘value trap’ to ‘value opportunity’, says George Iwanicki, Emerging Markets Macro Strategist for JP Morgan Asset Management. Investors judging emerging markets based on their value and momentum characteristics in the last few years would have seen a very cheap asset class with quite negative momentum. Disappointing economic...

  • retirement plan

    Is guaranteed drawdown worth the premium paid?

    22 August 2016

    With people living longer and annuity rates suffering from historically low values, is guaranteed drawdown, which insures against the client running out of money while staying invested, a product retirees should be considering? Barry Cudmore, managing director, Aegon Ireland, looks at the issues. The income generated from traditional annuities was on a downward trajectory...


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