Seccl API training programme for paraplanners

15 July 2021

Platform technology provider Seccl has launched an industry training programme on application programming interfaces (APIs). 

The part-time, virtual course will teach advisers, paraplanners, operations staff and administrators the role and function of APIs and provide basic coding skills to extract and input data using any open API, such as building reporting dashboards or creating and updating client records.

The course will consist of four 90-minute online classes, which will include a range of tasks designed to be completed by participants in their own time.

Annabel Melvin, account executive at Seccl, said: “While APIs have become a bit of a buzzword in the industry, many people have been telling us that they would love to really understand what they are and how they work.

“Anyone who can query an API can quickly and easily extract any bit of data that an API-driven system holds, in real time – and so by teaching people the basics, we hope to empower them to run slicker, more data-led and more efficient businesses.

“It’s often assumed that APIs are something for only developers to grapple with – but everyone can benefit from learning the fundamentals. The Academy will be the perfect low-intensity and free way to learn the ropes, and should add real value to day-to-day work.”

Andy Weston, managing director at IronBright Investment Management, commented: “Seccl’s API Academy provided an ideal opportunity to get some insight into a growing industry trend, while gaining exposure to the technology that powers investment platforms behind the scenes.”

[Main image: emile-perron-xrVDYZRGdw4-unsplash]

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