New pension calculator tools suite from Curtis Banks

6 August 2022

Curtis Banks has launched a suite of tools and calculators to help advisers with pension calculations.

The new range focuses on annual allowance, salary sacrifice and profit extraction and has been developed in partnership with fintech firm Dunstan Thomas, a subsidiary of Curtis Banks Group.

Curtis Banks said three new calculators are now available to use on its website and can be adapted to account for factors such as a client’s assumed income tax rate and their location in the UK for tax purposes.

The first calculator allows advisers to calculate a client’s annual allowance for the year, including their carry forward allowance, while a second salary sacrifice calculator shows advisers the effect on a client’s take-home pay if they give up part of their salary in exchange for a pension contribution.

In addition, advisers can also access a profit extraction calculator that helps company directors compare options for taking the gross profits out of their businesses.

Curtis Banks said it intends to release further tools and calculators in the coming months and has invited advisers to share ideas and feedback for future developments.

Charles Dewey, head of sales at Curtis Banks, said: “Manual pension calculations can prove to be very complex and time intensive for advisers, and we’re pleased to be able to provide solutions by making use of the important technological resources we have within the Curtis Banks Group.

“The efficiency of these calculators should be immensely beneficial to advisers, and we look forward to working closely with them to develop and enhance our range of tools going forward.”

Rahul Gupta, director at Acorn to Oaks Financial Services, commented: “Completing pension calculations can be complex and time consuming, so tools that can help streamline things are always welcome.

“Having calculators where the inputs can be quickly and easily amended help us to efficiently compare different scenarios and find the best solutions for our clients.

“We welcome the opportunity to offer Curtis Banks ideas about the types of tools that would be most helpful for us in the future.”

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