New DP app ‘puts adviser in client’s pocket’

7 March 2024

Dynamic Planner has launched a new digital engagement app, Tram, to help customers stay engaged with their financial plan.

The software provider said the new app will put the financial plan ‘in the palm of client’s hands’.

The app, which can be while labelled to financial planning organisations, tracks clients’ progress against their financial plan, goals and agreed risk level, providing daily valuations and delivering personalised content aligned to their target market.

Ben Goss, CEO of Dynamic Planner (Pictured), said: “We have been working on the development of Tram for two years but it is something I have dreamt of bringing to life since founding Dynamic Planner.

“The idea of putting the financial plan in the palm of your client’s hand so they can keep track and you can deliver value 24/7, but with low marginal cost, is transformational. Transformational for your clients and their access to your help and advice, but also in terms of the cost to serve clients and the capacity it can put back into your business.”

Dynamic Planner said Tram will help firms meet the needs of Consumer Duty and deliver ongoing value to support their ongoing service and fees.

Goss continued: “With Consumer Duty shining a spotlight on adviser ongoing charges and demonstration of value, creating capacity in the financial advice process in order to scale is paramount. Tram will offer valuable time and efficiency advantages at scale to advisers, as well as an enhanced ability to attract and retain the next generation of clients.”

The app harnesses the API technology on which the Dynamic Planner digital planning and advice platform is built and takes advantage of the multiple integrations in place between the Dynamic Planner platform and relevant CRM/practice management systems, platforms providers, custodians and asset managers, the firm said.

Goss added: “Tram literally puts you, the adviser, in the client’s pocket. It will strengthen the partnership between adviser and client, and powered by Dynamic Planner’s technology, it will drive the future of digital financial planning and advice.”

Commenting on the launch, Ian McKenna, founder of, said: “There has never been a time when digital engagement has been more important for adviser businesses.

“This service should be able to demonstrate the ongoing service they are supplying to existing customers, crucially important in light of recent FCA communications as well as those clients they need to offer a lower cost solution after exploring best value in light of consumer duty and enable them to reach new customers, who may be seeking a hybrid approach to their advice needs. These three key constituencies will be important markets for the future of financial advice.

“Currently, 50% of the workforce cannot remember life before the World Wide Web and that number is due to increase significantly in the coming years. We will reach a point within the next decade where people will no longer talk about digital because, by default, everything will be.

“Consumer research demonstrates that while older consumers still strongly prefer human advice on investments (64% for baby boomers, 62% generation X). There is a growing demand amongst younger consumers for digital advice propositions (21% for Millennials, and 30% from Gen Z).

“In each cohort between 20% to 30% of consumers are looking for a hybrid solution. In producing a single service that can accommodate all three models Dynamic Planner is enabling Advisers to access the tools they will need in the future now”.

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