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Intelligent Office awarded ‘Approved Associate System’ status

7 November 2019

Intelliflo’s Intelligent Office software has become the first technology-based system to be awarded ‘Approved Associate System’ status by Standards International.

Intelliflo received the status following detailed analysis of Intelligent Office to assess how it supported individuals seeking to achieve Standard International’s ISO22222 and The Paraplanner Standard.

Michelle Hoskin, founder, Standards International, said: “We were extremely impressed at how planners and paraplanners who fully utilise the functionality of, and tools within, the system can demonstrate reaching the high standards demanded of both ISO22222 and The Paraplanner Standard.

“It is a massive achievement for Intelligent Office to be awarded ‘Approved Associate System’ status and it is the first practice management system to do so. Others should watch what Intelliflo is doing with a close eye as they are clear leaders in this area, both within the UK and abroad.”

ISO22222 is currently the only international quality standard for providing personal financial planning and encompasses personal behaviour, operational and financial management; ethical principles and financial planning; competence and experience; continual improvement; security, client confidentiality and data protection; compliance and risk management; and the key stages of the personal financial planning process.

The Paraplanner Standard was established to offer an evaluation of the specific skills, principles and behaviours needed for the role in addition to academic knowledge.

Nick Eatock, chief executive officer and chairman, Intelliflo, commented: “We are thrilled to have achieved Approved Associate System status and even more delighted that we are the first to do so. We strive to incorporate tools and functionality that assists all our customers to achieve high standards and best practice.”

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