EdenTree expands carbon footprinting of fund range

1 September 2021

EdenTree has published a new report detailing the carbon footprint of its fund ranges.

EdenTree has expanded the carbon footprinting of its fund ranges from equities to include its fixed interest and multi-asset funds.

The responsible investing specialist has been carbon footprinting its equity funds for six years, as a part of its “commitment to transparency around the vital issue of climate change and our carbon aware approach to investing”.

This year, it also began the process of analysing the carbon footprint of its Fixed Interest and Multi-Asset funds to ensure a complete view of the carbon footprint of its fund ranges.

Announcing the move, the fund manager said: “It has been encouraging to see a reduction in the amount of CO2 associated with our investments over the course of these last six years. With our wider fund transition to the EdenTree Responsible & Sustainable range, and the UK Equity Opportunities fund becoming part of our screened range, this year was no exception.

“We are delighted to have now published our results of this exercise across our fund range, including our funds for charities.”

A pdf report on the EdenTree funds and how they relate to the Montreal Pledge can be found HERE.


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