Verve Group showcase of fresh new FinTech

13 May 2021

Verve Was Live – but with a twist… says Kim Binks, Apricity Compliance

On the 27 April, The Verve Group hosted the latest instalment of their ‘We Are Live’ series. Born from their original live event #Project2030 back in June 2020, the series involved a live stream and had previously been used to launch and discuss new services from the companies within The Verve Group, namely: Para-Sols, Apricity Compliance, The Art of Finance and That Mint Podcast.

After the success of our last ‘live’ back in October 2020, CEO Cathi Harrison and our leadership team – Natalie Bell, Jo Campbell and myself – were keen to make April’s event bigger and better than ever before.

Showcasing new FinTech

With the world coming to a stop due to the many lockdowns brought on by Covid-19, in the last year there has been an ever-growing number of brand-new technology solutions on the market – particularly in the area of FinTech.

Never one to miss an opportunity, The Verve Group used this outburst of new tech as inspiration for their recent live event, which gave upcoming FinTech companies the chance to show off their platforms and systems, in a modern and exciting way.

After a selection process which included scouting the market for the best new tech around, eight firms were selected and each interviewed to find out just what it was that made their tech stand out from the crowd. As well as the interview, they were requested to record a unique and engaging demo that would really capture the attention of those attending, and encourage them to want to know more.

The chosen firms were: Elen, Intelliflo, Digital Wealth Systems, Adviser Cloud, Fintegrate, SECCL and Visible Capital. Apricity Compliance, who are part of The Verve Group family, also took part and showcased their sophisticated compliance software.

Although the event was focussed mainly around the ‘new tech on the block’, during the one-hour screening there was the occasional exciting announcement from The Verve Group themselves – namely an update on their We Are Change not-for-profit initiative and the upcoming app launch of from The Art of Finance to support people in their studies.

Running without a hitch, the main event lasted one hour and gave firms the chance to really show off their technology and start the questions rolling in.


Zoom-doom is a phrase that everyone has all become quite accustomed to over the last year and a half, but there was no room for any of that at We Are Live. Using an digital lounge system, The Verve Group ensured there was networking-a-plenty.

Using this specific technology meant that there was a face-to-face element included within the event, something that we have all missed since the pandemic began. Delegates were able to join the virtual lounge, where they could choose who to sit with and have a natter post event. The firms involved in showcasing their software were also on hand to answer any queries that their segment may have aroused.

The Verve Group are keen to take the information and questions raised throughout the event and turn it into a whitepaper – so be sure to keep an eye out for that in the near future.

If you missed the event you can catch up here. Contact me, Kim Binks, at The Verve Group to find out more about Apricity’s free consultation offer and also register your interest for the early-bird launch of the The Art of Finance app.

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