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News in Brief: Intelliflo, Canada Life, BlackRock & Dynamic Planner, Amundi

5 September 2019

Intelliflo receives FCA registration to facilitate growth of Open Banking

Intelliflo has been authorised by the FCA for registration as an account information service provider (AISP) under PSR 2017. AISP status ensures that Intelliflo can continue to aggregate information from client’s bank accounts

This capability, available via Intelligent Office’s Personal Finance Portal (PFP), enables advisers’ clients to review the daily balances on their bank and other accounts, providing them with a holistic overview of their finances at any time.

The FCA registration means Intelliflo can expand use of Open APIs that enable third-party developers to build applications and services that deliver enhanced connectivity for advisers’ clients to a broad range of financial products and services.

Nick Eatock, Intelliflo’s founder and executive chairman comments: “Being able to integrate bank account information into PFP via Open Banking means our adviser customers will be in a position to offer their clients a full overview – and full control – of their finances.

“We firmly believe that this service represents a step forward in the way that UK investors are able to access and interact with their finances, better enabling them to control their outgoings and savings from one central hub.

“Crucially, it also enables a more holistic view for the adviser in terms of the FCA’s Know Your Customer (KYC), which helps advisers to deliver good advice outcomes.  It is also a significant step forward in helping support the ongoing suitability requirements of MiFID II.”

Canada Life – equity release workshops

Canada Life Home Finance has announced two additional workshops for equity release-qualified individuals who are interested in learning about industry best practise and delivering the best service to customers.

The additional ‘Setting the Standard’ workshops, which are free of charge to attend, will take place in London in September and October. Attendees will learn best practice from industry experts and guidance on what to consider when having conversations about how lifetime mortgages can help customers unlock property wealth. Workshops places may be booked at

BlackRock selects Dynamic Planner to risk profile its MyMap portfolios.

BlackRock’s four MyMap funds launched in May 2019 and join other BlackRock Funds which are already part of Dynamic Planner’s independent risk profiling service. one of the risk rating providers BlackRock employs to enable an accurate assessment of the expected risk characteristics of an investment fund or model portfolio over the longer term.

It performs a vital role in matching the expected risk of a fund or portfolio to that of the end investor’s agreed risk mandate – crucial to enable advisers to meet and exceed the regulator’s suitability requirements.

Amundi launches Multi-Asset Sustainable Future

European asset manager Amundi is launching the Amundi Funds Multi-Asset Sustainable Future, which combines diversifiedinvestment management with an ESG approach.

Amundi said it has designed the sub-fund in response to two current issues for investors: the increasing value attributed to ESG considerations in investments and the need for conservative portfolios amidst rising market uncertainty.

The fund will aim  to provide sustainable returns with a conservative risk profile achieved through a multi-asset investment approach. The investment universe allows for diversified investing across a broad range of fixed income assets mainly in euro denominated investment grade corporate and government bonds and global equities (up to 40% of portfolio allocation). It aims to provide capital appreciation over a recommended investment period of 4 years.

The fund’s investment universe is refined to exclude controversial issuers according to certain predefined criteria. Companies selected will have the best ratings according to Amundi’s proprietary ESG rating policy. Lead portfolio manager is Joerg Moshuber, with Enrico Bovalini, head of Balanced Strategies. Research is provided by Amundi’s ESG Analysis Team.


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