Gravis launches digital infrastructure fund

5 May 2021

Gravis is launching the VT Gravis Digital Infrastructure Income Fund,the firm’s fourth OEIC.

It will have an offer period of 4 – 31 May 2021, officially launching on 31 May.

The fund will be managed by the firm’s director of Real Estate Securities, Matthew Norris and will invest in companies which own physical infrastructure assets vital to the digital economy, including data centres, telecom towers, fibre optic cable companies, logistics warehouses, and the digitalisation of transportation.

The fund is expected to deliver capital growth by investing through market cycles in global listed securities including real estate investment trusts, equities, and bonds. It will target an annual dividend yield of 3%.

Commenting on the fund launch, Norris said: “The growth of the digital economy has moved rapidly in recent years and it now underpins huge swathes of our lives. What is taking place, largely out of the public eye, should be regarded as the fourth industrial revolution. It is almost impossible to function effectively, either in a private or business capacity, without access to the connected digital world, and the digitalisation of society is transforming the face of traditional sectors of the economy. To support the explosion in demand for connectivity, physical infrastructure assets are required, and behind the headlines a vast new infrastructure sector has been developing to support and sustain the new digital economy. The global pandemic has only hastened the transition to a digital economy, in some areas accelerating growth by five years versus expectations.”

William MacLeod, managing director of Gravis Advisory Limited, added: “We’re thrilled to be launching our fourth Gravis OEIC, investing in a vital but largely unrecognised sector of the global economy, and one which is growing at an extraordinary pace. We intend to invest in the companies that form not just the backbone, but the entire skeleton of our day-to-day business and home lives. The infrastructure which supports the digital world has become absolutely critical to us all, ensuring we are able to keep operating smoothly and efficiently, wherever we are.”


  • 0.8% AMC taken from capital, OCF capped at AMC
  • Minimum investment £100
  • Yield objective 3% per annum paid quarterly
  • Will be available on all major platforms and directly

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