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Four Elite ethical funds

9 October 2019

Juliet Schooling Latter, research director at FundCalibre, follows on from her article published yesterday on why ethical investing may be about to go mainstream, with a look at four funds that could make clients money AND make a difference.

Here are four Elite Rated funds which could help your clients make a profit without sacrificing their principles.

1. Pictet Global Environment Opportunities
This is a unique environmental fund which invests in global equities. The fund has identified nine environmental challenges including but not limited to: climate change; ocean acidification; biodiversity and freshwater use. All companies within the portfolio must operate ‘within a safe operating space’ for each of these nine areas and actively contribute to solving environmental challenges.

2. ASI UK Ethical Equity
This fund encapsulates the best ideas from the experienced team at Aberdeen Standard Investments, which manager Lesley Duncan uses alongside a ‘no compromises’ ethical screening. Lesley will have between 50 and 100 holdings, and will look to keep them for three to five years, expecting them to grow in value, and also provide some income, though this isn’t the key focus.

3. Rathbone Ethical Bond
The Rathbone Ethical Bond fund invests in quality investment grade bonds. It has a high income target and ethical exclusions are simple: no mining, arms, gambling, pornography, animal testing, nuclear power, alcohol or tobacco. All investments must also have at least one positive environmental, social or corporate governance quality.

4. BMO Responsible Global Equity
This fund invests in quality growth companies from across the world, with a focus on sustainability. There tends to be a bias towards medium-sized companies and managers Jamie Jenkins and Nick Henderson have the help of an independent sustainability team to ensure standards are maintained and backed-up by strong engagement with company management post-investment.

Further information on the Elite Rated ethical funds can be found  here.

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