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Investing in a sustainable future

11 November 2020

A new virtual event from Fidelity International.

 11 November: 09.30am

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In the 1970s, Milton Friedman’s shareholder doctrine held that a company should be solely run in the interests of its shareholders. But the world has moved on.

Companies are waking up to the financial and reputational risks of alienating their broader stakeholders – customers, employees and the local communities in which they operate. If anything, this focus has sharpened in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis.

We’ve already seen companies reduce share buybacks, slash dividends and cut executive bonuses, recognising that a focus on employee wellbeing will help them survive and thrive in the long run.

With the bottom line seemingly no longer the top priority that it once was, the way we analyse companies and choose to invest must evolve. Those that fail to adapt run the risk of missing the opportunities of the future.

Join Fidelity’s experts as they shine a light on the unstoppable ascent of sustainable investing and debate the role we can all play in shaping a more sustainable future.

Key takeaways

• Understand how the Covid-19 crisis has changed the way the investment industry and society approach sustainable investing.
• Learn the importance of active corporate engagement and the collective roles that investors, policymakers and companies can play in shaping a more sustainable model for capitalism.
• Discover how and why sustainability factors are fully integrated into Fidelity’s investment platform across asset classes.

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