How to stop getting in your own way? 30 June, 12.30pm

6 June 2022

How to stop getting in your own way?
Development Zone in Association with Fidelity Adviser Solutions
During this webinar Tony Fields, the Catalyst Coach,  will consider why it is so easy to get in our own way and what we can do about it.

Tony says: “We often know exactly what we need to do every day, to perform our roles to an incredibly high standard, and to propel our careers to the next level, however we continue to repeat the same patterns.

“You will discover during this webinar, what has been holding you back. This will help you to identify the root of the problem. We will discuss challenges that are rarely talked about, however once addressed, will enable you to become so much more productive.

“You will realise HOW you can develop new habits. Once you embed these, problems will never look the same again and you will start to take things in your stride. This really is the key to unlocking your true potential.”

The session will last approximately 30 minutes and 15 minutes for questions.

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