5 tech-driven timesavers for paraplanners

22 November 2021

Technical Insight Webinar: 5 tech-driven timesavers for paraplanners
Date: 30 November, 2021
Time: 10.30am
The tech that supports financial planners isn’t doing what it should be doing. It’s not integrated, it’s not saving time, its not preventing errors and it’s not helping end clients. There is a way… a light at the end of the tunnel.
The team from Betafolio will take you through a whistle stop tour of some new tech that has palpable benefits for you and your clients, including:
• Clear reports for clients, cut annual review prep time by 40%
• Cashflow planning including capacity for loss
• Easy scenario modelling and full audit trail for suitability and sustainability
• Reduce time and errors on platforms with MPS
• Fast, accurate portfolio comparison analytics
Learning outcomes
• Understand the financial planning tech landscape so you can make better choices and reduce the cost of tec
• Examine the top 5 ways to save time and errors with core planning tasks, driving better outcomes for client
• Look at the MPS landscape, it’s growth and the nature of this growt
• Explore how proper tech can save you money and what it’s worth to your clients.

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