Claro rolls out digital alternative to financial advice

31 August 2021

Claro has rolled out its new digital financial coaching app, designed to provide an affordable alternative to financial advice.

Through the free app, which currently has 24,000 users, individuals can access a one-to-one call with a financial coach, create a financial plan and choose saving and investing products based on their risk levels, timeline and values.

Users can also access environmental, social and governance data within the app.

Claro said the app was developed to create greater inclusivity within finance and democratise financial knowledge and opportunity.

It is headed up by Rob Brockington, who specialises in global equities and fintech businesses, while chartered financial planner Rachel Hart will lead the team of financial coaches.

Rob Brockington, CEO at Claro, says: “Behind Claro is a team of financial professionals who, despite our different professional backgrounds, all identified the importance of democratising financial knowledge and opportunity. This belief in financial accessibility is at the core of Claro’s ethos and what has driven the development of the app.

“We have worked to create a platform that brings value to users’ lives through helping to set clear and manageable financial goals, which does not discriminate against users based on their age, income or financial history.

“The initial response to the app has been fantastic and we’re looking forward to sharing our financial coaching and knowledge more widely.”

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