APRIL 2021


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7IM adds new platform functionality and enhancements

28 September 2020

7IM has enhanced its platform with the launch of a series of updates to further improve the user experience.

The firm says the new design offers a more intuitive experience to users, with new functionalities to streamline user efficiency and enable frictionless account opening.

The new account opening process enables three wrappers to be opened with one signature and also includes the investment instruction to be applied to all transfers, regulars and other cash received, while also having improved family grouping reporting.

The firm also has overhauled its application process to better support clients in a more digital environment, reducing the amount of information and number of signatures needed on application, as well as allowing for e-sign and docu-sign capability.

Verona Kenny, Managing Director of Intermediary said: “These new enhancements will not only improve the application process for users but increase efficiencies across a multitude of other areas, allowing them more time to focus on delivering robust financial advice to their clients, a service that has arguably never been more important.

“The pandemic has impacted almost every aspect of life, our job is to allow our advisers to adapt quickly and efficiently, so that they can play their part in helping people through this extraordinary period and beyond.”

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