November 2017


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  • Report flags significant lack of insurance protection among families

    24 April 2017

    Parents are more likely to insure their possessions than their health despite over 40% saying they are concerned that they or a member of their family could develop a serious illness and 45% of parents with dependent children could not support their lifestyle for a month if the main breadwinner was unable to work,...

  • Aegon report shows lack of protection cover amongst working women

    27 March 2017

    With nearly half of working women in the UK lacking a financial safety net there is a real need for advisory firms to help women take purchasing protection into their own hands, says the insurer. Aegon’s ‘Protection Matters’ report has revealed that half (48%) of working women* in the UK don’t have any form...

  • Defaqto service ratings 2017 show providers are improving

    7 February 2017

    Defaqto’s research among 15,000 financial advisers about their views on the service they receive from over 200 providers covering DFMs, platforms, pension and bond providers, and protection insurers, shows a marked improvement in service year on year. Under Defaqto’s service ratings service, product providers are rated Bronze, Silver or Gold based on their overall...

  • Wealthy are shunning even basic IHT planning survey reveals

    25 January 2017

    Canada Life’s most recent IHT survey shines disturbing light on wealthy individual’s lack of IHT and estate planning. Wealthy Brits over the age of 45 are forgetting or ignoring simple estate planning tools that could help them to pass on more of their estate to their families, according to Canada Life’s annual IHT survey*....

  • Old Mutual Wealth puts protection products on UnderwriteMe platform

    14 September 2016

    Old Mutual Wealth has joined the UnderwriteMe quote comparison service, providing online access to fully underwritten quotes for its protection offering, Protect. The UnderwriteMe provides an alternative to the practice of submitting multiple applications for a client at one time by having the adviser to complete a full medical question set for the client. That...

  • Case study: Nice DB pension surprise but LTA headache

    12 September 2016

    In this case study, Paul Darvill, director, Talbot and Muir, examines the issue of a client discovering the dilemma of a forgotten about DB pension that will take him over his Lifetime Allowance. Peter has a defined benefit pension that he built up many years ago, he worked at the firm for only a...

  • Taking action on later life care

    15 April 2016

    Should more forethought be being given to later life planning by clients and the public in general? Is making a case for later life planning becoming urgent? This could be seen as a rhetorical question because with an extra three million people aged 65 or over living in the UK today than there were...

  • Update on LTA protection interim applications April – July 2016

    29 February 2016

    Since David Trenner, technical director, Intelligent Pensions, wrote his article on the Lifetime Allowance and the post April interim process for LTA protection for this issue of Professional Paraplanner, HMRC has issued newsletter 76, which has clarified how the process will work. The following expands on David’s article published on page 23 of the...