Webinar: Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust – Wed 9 June 2021

7 June 2021

The next Investment Committee webinar is part of the Investment Trust Insight series we are running in association with the AIC  and features specialists from the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust.
Title: Embracing Uncertainty
Date: Wednesday 9 June
Time: 10.30

The world is uncertain. In fact, it has always been thus. The more uncertain the situation, the more fund managers feel the need to pontificate. This is especially the case when a crisis is extreme and far beyond the expertise of financial analysts. Why? It’s partly because clients, savers and the media want answers. This desire will often prompt fund managers to prove that they are in control by taking some, perhaps any, action. This isn’t a good idea.

In this Investment Seminar, Stewart Heggie – Investment Specialist for Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust – will explain the importance of embracing uncertainty and maintaining a long-term patient approach to investing. He will show that by focusing on the small number of transformational growth companies addressing huge opportunities, investors can reap the greatest rewards. Stewart will also explore fundamental changes taking place in the world, as well as showing how the Investment Trust structure provides a fund manager with the necessary flexibility to navigate an uncertain future.

Learning Outcomes:
• Understanding that a small number of very big winners have driven all of the global public equity market returns over the past 30 years.
• By being patient, long-term owners of companies and enduring periods of volatility, investors can generate the best returns.
• The Investment Trust structure provides an investor with more flexibility and improves the chances of increasing client returns.


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