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Two investment megatrends for 2020s

21 May 2020

Technology and responsible investing are set to be the top trends of this decade, says deVere Group founder Nigel Green.

According to Green, the Covid-19 pandemic has thrust both sectors firmly into the spotlight and accelerated innovation, making them the “megatrends” of the 2020s.

Green says: “The digital revolution is taking place right now in a monumental way, with our daily lives become ever more digitalised at a staggering speed. The rapid advancement of digital technologies is already fundamentally changing business models, institutions and society as a whole – and this trend is likely to pick up pace further as tech evolves.

“The digital revolution means the potential for new and emerging businesses and industries is greater than ever before – and both retail and institutional investors will, naturally, be drawn to the massive growth and opportunities.”

In addition, recent events have also prompted a growing collective awareness and sense of mutual responsibility, which will lead to greater emphasis upon ESG investing going forward.

Companies with strong corporate governance and who demonstrate good practice will be best positioned to take advantage of this trend, says Green.

He  adds: “It has demonstrated the importance of having sustainable and diverse supply chains. It has also underscored that companies with strong corporate governance and good business practice are best-positioned for the future. This has been evidenced by those investments with robust ESG credentials continuing to outperform throughout the recent bouts of stock market volatility.

“Again, the major growth and opportunities that that pattern of change creates cannot be, and will not be, ignored by retail and institutional investors.”

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