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TCC launches digital file-checking service

3 March 2020

Compliance Consultancy TCC has launched a new automated file checking service, which digitally checks all a firm’s files and highlights those that need human intervention.

The firm says the first-line checking service provides a digital pre-check, which compares all file documents against pre-defined criteria, to identify risk that requires further, human review.

This, TCC says, “provides significantly greater assurance than the usual manual method that can only check around 5-15%” and “is 85% more efficient than traditional methods, meaning we can carry out a review in almost half the time with the same quality.

Commercial Director Warren Vickers said: “This launch is an incredibly exciting moment for us here at TCC, bringing together our years of focus on innovation and technology. 

“The tech we’ve developed is the only one of its kind, and when it’s combined with our outsourced managed service we can provide the highest level of transparency and risk management – something no one else can. The fact that we can do all this for less than our clients’ current budgets has caused quite a stir already in the industry.”

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