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RWC Partners launches global equity income fund

6 December 2020

RWC Partners has launched the global equity income fund, managed by Nick Clay, which was announced in September 2020.

The TM RWC Global Equity Income Fund, sits within a UK OEIC structure will be managed by Nick Clay and his team, with a version of the fund for SICAV investors to follow shortly.

Clay joined RWC Partners from Newton Investment Management in March, having Benn at the asset manager for nearly 20 years, where he managed the BNY Mellon Global Income fund.

The new fund will have a strict buy and sell discipline and follow a high conviction quality income strategy, investing in c. 40-60 stocks across the global market capitalisation spectrum. It will be broadly diversified across sectors but could be materially underweight or completely omit a number of sectors if they are deemed unattractive.

Gary Tuffield, head of European Distribution at RWC, said the team, “Nick, Andrew, Colin and Robert have created a market leading proposition, which has been endorsed by their clients over many years, and one that we believe is highly relevant for investors today.

“The coronavirus has been very damaging to the corporate sector, with many companies cutting or withholding dividend payments to shareholders. Many financial headlines have suggested that this is the final nail in the coffin for income investing. We emphatically disagree with this. The power of compounding a sustainable dividend has proven to be a successful investment strategy for more than a century.

“With growth stocks approaching peak multiples and interest rates anchored at all-time lows we believe that a tried and tested global equity income approach looks very appealing to large swathes of the industry and end consumers”.

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