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Professional Paraplanner Events – Update

14 May 2020

Introducing the Technical Insight Webinars

The current Lockdown situation and likely restrictions that will be in place on events once Lockdown is lifted mean that until at least July it is not going to be possible to run our live events as planned. This is disappointing for both us and our speakers, as we were all geared up to deliver another great set of Spring events to paraplanners around the country.

We are hopeful that we will be able to run our live events from the Autumn and possibly, re-schedule some of the live events that are unable to go ahead at present. This will depend on government guidelines as well as company policies on live events. We will keep you informed.

Technical Insight Webinars

Meanwhile, it is important to us that we deliver as much technical content as we can for you, so we are creating a series of Technical Insight Webinars that we will be distributing to all paraplanners registered for the events postponed by the current crisis.

The webinars will feature our usual range of key subjects from our event supporters including pensions, tax, suitability, investment and other areas, all with the aim to help paraplanners deliver even better outcomes and service to clients.

Each webinar will be one session. They will run from 30 to 60 minutes and include relevant CPD.

We will be making further announcements in due course and emailing delegates once we have webinar dates confirmed.

Investment Committee & Team Leader events

Our intended schedule of live Investment Committee & Team Leader events also are in abeyance at present.

We will be running Investment Committee webinars and we will be making further announcements regarding these in due course.

Following on from our successful Team Leader Seminar in February, hosted in association with FundsNetwork, government guidelines permitting, we will be looking to hold more live events later in the year.

We will provide further information in respect of these events via our daily emails and on the website.

Keep smiling, keep active and stay safe!

Rob Kingsbury

Editor, Professional Paraplanner

Professional Paraplanner