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Join us at our Team Leader, Investment Committee and Technical Insight Seminars

9 February 2020

This year Professional Paraplanner is running three series of events around the country – our Team Leader, Investment Committee and Technical Insight Seminars give paraplanners access to experts in their fields and tackle issues and provide insights from the point of view of the paraplanner. These are paraplanner exclusive events. 

At Thursday’s Professional Paraplanner Team Leader Seminar held in London, delegates heard from experienced team leaders and participated in practical sessions to help them better understand and benefit from management techniques as well as having the opportunity to discuss issues particular to running paraplanning teams with their peers.

Today, we are OPENING REGISTRATION for our future Team Leader Seminars, to be held later this year. If you are interested in registering for future events, and have not already registered, please email  [email protected] and we will be in touch with more details in due course.

Technical Insight Seminars

Registration is also open for our Technical Insight Seminars, in 2020 being held in 16 locations around the country. The seminars will be covering a range of issues key to the role pf the paraplanner and enabling better outcomes for clients. Topics which will be covered include suitability, compliance, pensions, tax, investment, platforms, due diligence, cashflow forecasting and more.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for the Technical Insight Seminars.

Investment Committee events

At our Investment Committee series of events, paraplanners will hear from speakers on key areas such as market trends, asset allocation, centralised investment propositions, retirement income propositions and much more, with speakers from leading investment companies including Fidelity International and Investec Asset Management.

The first event will take place in London on 7 April 2020, with follow up events in Manchester and Edinburgh. 

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for one of our Investment Committee events.

TEAM LEADER EVENT – Thursday 6 February

We are grateful to Fidelity FundsNetwork for hosting our first Team Leader event, in London and for providing two fantastic speakers during the day. Fidelity FundsNetwork head Jackie Boylan described her experience working her way up the management ranks and provided a list of her ‘non-negotiables of leadership’ which she applies as a manager, and Nella Mereu, Head of HR Fidelity International, provided key insights into supporting the wellbeing of a team and the individuals within it.

Leadership and Management Development specialist Mark Nobbs used his 25+ years experience in the financial services industry to take delegates through a number of practical and interactive tasks.

And in our peer-to-peer discussions, we tackled some of the key issues raised by delegates in pre-event communications, including what’s required of a paraplanning team leader, becoming a boss, productivity of a team and being happy in the role. Our thanks to Martin Green paraplanning manager at Chadney Bulgin and Dan Atkinson, head of Technical at EQ Investors for facilitating these sessions for us.

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