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IRESS XPLAN extends offering to simplified and online advice

5 June 2019

Financial technology firm IRESS has upgraded its XPLAN software to allow advisers to offer automated, simplified advice to clients. 

XPLAN Prime will provide a scalable, objectives-based guided advice service designed to meet the differing needs and budgets of clients and saving advisers considerable time, the group said. It will use XPLAN’s client management, calculation, portfolio and research software as part of the advice process.

IRESS said Prime will work with XPLAN as one advice platform, meaning there is no double entry of data and advisers will be able to work with one set of documents, one client file record and one set of compliance rules.

The group added that the new service will also allow advisers to provide advice to clients over the internet, while continuing to provide face-to-face advice to clients with more complex needs.

Mark Loosmore, general executive manager, wealth, IRESS, said: “Some advised clients simply require goal-based financial planning, regular communication and guided advice, while for others a full holistic advice proposition is more appropriate.

“Advisers and financial institutions are seeking greater flexibility in how they can meet the changing needs of their clients. XPLAN Prime enables fast, efficient and simple advice generation with an easy to use interface via face to face, telephone or digital engagement with a client. Through Prime, advice firms will be able to serve more clients, more profitably, more efficiently and deliver a more personalised service.”

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