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Invesco to launch Model Portfolio Service with capped cost to adviser firms

25 June 2019

Investment management group Invesco is set to launch a model portfolio service (MPS), which will cap the cost per client per month for adviser firms. 

The new MPS, which is due to launch later this summer, will have a 40-strong team responsible for building and maintaining the portfolios. The service will initially launch with a range of multi-manager model portfolios to meet different adviser and client needs.

Advisers will be able to access the model portfolios at a cost of £1 per client per month, with the fee capped at £70 per month per firm.

The MPS is being offered via Intellifo’s integrated Model Portfolio Solutions technology, said the new service was designed to “tackle the ongoing challenges” faced by advisers by providing an actively managed solution, benefitting from the scale and expertise offered by Invesco’s penetration in the global markets.

Chris Lyes, head of retail distribution, Invesco, said: “Advisers in the UK face increasing challenges to meet evolving market and regulatory challenges. We believe that by bringing Invesco’s investment depth and expertise onto the cutting-edge technology of Intelliflo we can deliver improved choice, investment outcomes and value to advisers and their clients.”

Lyes said that as the one of the largest asset managers in the world, Invesco was able to offer its investment proposition to advisers at a “market leading price.”

“We believe in the value of financial advice, we believe a small amount of financial advice can make a real difference and ongoing financial advice can be life changing,” Lyes added.

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