Dynamic Planner launches product and platform research

12 September 2022

Dynamic Planner has launched a research tool to give advisers the ability to research investment and retirement products.

Product and Platform Research is now available to Dynamic Planner users and forms part of the Dynamic Planner as standard, avoiding the need for users to re-key information.

The technology used by the new tool has been designed in line with PROD and Consumer Duty regulatory requirements and sources data directly from providers across the UK.

Rather than scoring products or providers by the number of features, Dynamic Planner said the technology gives advisers all the information necessary to determine which matches the needs and preferences of the consumer.

Selection criteria and research can be saved and matched to a firm’s target market and at firm level, advisers can manage their centralised propositions, segmenting clients into defined target markets and tying product research to them.

Chris Jones, proposition director at Dynamic Planner, said: “In this area of research, firms have been stuck with technology of the past, faced with as many as 300 product features and the challenge of matching and explaining them to a client. We asked advice firms what we could do to help them navigate this maze of features. They told us they wanted clarity over complexity, a simplified process and something different to what they had used before.

“Working from a blank canvas, we have been able to create technology that is fit for now and the future and guided by PROD and Consumer Duty. Dynamic Planner’s Product and Platform Research puts clients at its heart, simplifying the process and efficiently highlighting product features which can be demonstrated to lead to good client outcomes.”

Jones said in addition to being able to segment clients into defined target markets, the technology has the benefit of being part of Dynamic Planner’s one system, enabling firms to “save time, money and work seamlessly in one place.”

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