Katalyst Coach launches ‘Find Your Path’ professional fulfilment programme

26 January 2024

Growth and mindset expert, Tony Fields, the Katalyst Coach, is launching a new six week programme to help paraplanners achieve professional fulfilment. 

Paraplanning team leaders will have taken part in Tony’s sessions at the Professional Paraplanner Team Leader Seminars over the past few years.

The new programme, ‘Find Your Path’,  aims to help paraplanners assess their choices and find the inspiration to progress in their career in the right direction.

Tony explains about the six week programme: “If you feel stuck professionally right now and genuinely want to wake up feeling motivated every day and inspired at work, then this is for you.

“When you work in a fast-paced sector like financial planning it can be rare to take some time out to question what you really want. Having had the opportunity to speak at so many amazing Professional Paraplanner events, I know that as a paraplanner, you may reach a stage when you question what the future holds?

“Do I go on to become an IFA? Do I remain a career paraplanner? Do I become a team leader? Or do I go out alone and become an outsourced paraplanner? There are so many choices, however it can be hard to know which is the right choice for you.

“Having reached a crossroads myself 7 years ago, I spent four long years searching for professional clarity. This ended up being one of the hardest times of my life, as I flitted between running a business for the first time, and going back to employment, and lots of options in between. This ultimately led me to breaking point and had a damaging impact on my marriage and my relationship with my children.

“For so long I convinced myself that material success would make me happy, that a big job or title would be enough… That it was better to go for the safe bet and to remain on the same path…

“I then started working with a mentor and identified in just a matter of weeks what it was that would provide me with true professional fulfilment. This was so incredibly liberating and inspired me to create my own business in 2021, to help others to do the same.”

The coaching programme and private community will be opening to six individuals working in the financial planning sector.

This programme will kick-off in early February and is specifically for paraplanners who are:

• Ambitious and have an open mind
• Feel at a crossroads and would love to have real professional clarity
• Are committed to their personal and professional development

If you would love to snap up one of the 6 spaces or if you’d like to find out more about this new programme, then you can register your details HERE.


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