Advisers award Unipass Letter of Authority Best in Show

27 January 2023

Origo was awarded Best in Show for the presentation on the fintech’s Unipass Letter of Authority by Head of Business Development, Matt Noble.

One of 12 demonstrations on the day, in which a range of firms, including Parmenion, 7IM, Intelliflo, Fidelity andBenchmark showcased their products and services, the award was voted on purely by the adviser delegates at the conference.

Matt Noble said: “We had eight minutes in which to demonstrate an end-to-end digital LOA request and fulfilment process.

“As advisers will know, currently the letter of authority process can take days, weeks and even months to complete, with paper still a major part of the process. This is an anathema in the 21st century and we believe will not sit well with the FCA’s incoming Consumer Duty regulation.

“We demonstrated how using Unipass Letter of Authority, the entire process  including creation of the request by the advice business, the client experience of digitally authorising the request, sending of the request to the provider, the fulfilment by the provider of that request, and finally the delivery to the adviser of the full response – could be completed in a fraction of the time.

“We are delighted to have won Best in Show. I think the votes cast by advisers were simply in recognition of how Unipass Letter of Authority can solve a significant administrative issue for advice firms, and help providers to better serve advisers and their clients.”

Introducing the presentation to the audience, FTRC CEO and founder Ian McKenna urged more providers to adopt the service.

At launch, paraplanners called the service a “game changer” for advice firms’ back-office administration, if providers got on board.

(Pictured: Matt Noble (left) accepts the award from FTRC CEO and founder Ian McKenna.)

Professional Paraplanner