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Wealth Wizards launches client financial survival toolkit

31 May 2020

Financial planning group Wealth Wizards has launched a financial survival toolkit to help people impacted by the Covid19 pandemic.

The toolkit, which can be accessed through the firm’s advice engine Turo, offers guidance in areas such as how to cope if your work situation changes and how to create a new household budget. 

It can be used by clients in collaboration with an adviser or accessed directly by customers of financial institutions such as banks and building societies. For more complex cases, the toolkit can act a triage tool, directing customers to advisers, according to Wealth Wizards.

Andrew Firth, CEO, Wealth Wizards, said: “The volatile markets, job losses and general havoc being caused by Coronavirus have led to many people feeling anxious, frustrated and stressed about their finances. As a result customer services teams throughout the country are being inundated with calls from worried customers and clients who need some reassurance. 

“Reaching out digitally can help both by plugging holes in the resources of overstretched businesses and by connecting with people when they are stuck at home in the lockdown and feeling helpless.”

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