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Timebank launches CPD programme

11 October 2020

Professional Development

The Timebank has launched a new programme to help advisers and paraplanners stay on track with their CPD amid the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The Timebank Foundations Programme will provide access to material that can be used to avoid the need to defer CPD, following the announcement by the FCA in May that part of this year’s CPD could be postponed until next year.

Melissa Hall, head of paraplanning, The Timebank, says: “The thing that prompted us to launch our Foundations Programme now was the news from the FCA in May that they will allow people to defer their CPD until next year.

“Whilst this looks helpful, once you get into a backlog, it is just another thing you need to worry about down the road.  We designed The Foundation Programme as a great way for people to get ahead of themselves.”

The Timebank Foundations Programme includes 25-minute long videos covering topics that include busting myths on suitability reports, how to build a centralised investment proposition, why segmentation is very different to service proposition, what cashflow tools are out there, guidance for paraplanners on how to build their careers for themselves and explaining how to deliver MiFID II interim suitability reviews.

In addition to the videos, the programme provides various practical tools and resources that advisers and paraplanners can use such as due diligence reports on providers and a tool to solve the PROD problem.

Hall adds: “We wanted to make this resource available now to help every adviser and paraplanner.”

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