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Third of middle class professionals suffer from severe anxiety

4 November 2019

The old adage ‘money can’t buy happiness’ would appear to be true, according to new findings from mental health specialist Smart TMS which revealed a third of middle class professionals suffer from severe anxiety.   

The research found 34% experience anxiety through comparing their success to others around them, yet 29% worry about what their friends or colleagues would say if they were aware of their mental health problems.

The same amount (29%) stated that their job gives them a lot of stress and anxiety that they do not know how to manage, while 21% admitted to feeling they didn’t have a right to be depressed because of their success and affluence.

As many as 22% of respondents said they are too busy to think about their mental health, despite having consistent symptoms of anxiety / depression. According to the research, more than one in 10 (14%) stated they would like to see someone about their mental health but do not believe their boss would give them time off work, while 21% worry that treatment would take too long.

Gerard Barnes, CEO, Smart TMS, said of the findings: “While the middle and upper classes are typically seen as well-off and comfortable, the stresses of their lifestyle can induce severe anxiety and the obligation to support this imbalanced work and leisure is extremely detrimental.

“Many people are also reporting an increase in a desire to be away from other people and social situations. These are clear signs of depression and anxiety, which are often characterised by low self-esteem, an increase in substance abuse and a loss of the ability to carry out simple functions without overthinking.

“More needs to be done to help people recognise symptoms of mental health conditions within their own behaviours and respond accordingly.”

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