The Art of Finance launches exam revision workshops

18 January 2021

The Art of Finance has launched exam revision workshops for R01 to R04, to dovetail with its online courses, as well as a R06 e-Learning course.

The workshops cover the CII exams FA2, R01, R02, R03 and R04. Currently, they are being delivered remotely and hosted by qualified exam trainers. Further details can be found here.

Cathi Harrison, CEO at The Art of Finance (part of The Verve Group), says the launch of their exam revision workshops is a “natural progression” from their existing programmes of study and online courses, and are designed to help students “absorb the necessary knowledge and learn the techniques they need to successfully prepare for the CII exams”, including handy tips, printable resources and peer support to maximise effective revision.

“The Art of Finance is all about recruiting people into the financial planning industry and supporting them in their training and development journey. Our plans to launch revision workshops were put back by the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdowns, which meant we had to focus on other areas of the business in 2020, but we have worked hard to get them ready for 2021.

She adds: “The world at the moment is a very much a virtual one. During Lockdown, a lot of people have found they have gained part of their day by not having to commute and are using that time to get head on their exams and CPD.

“At the same time, we’ve seen a huge uplift in exam activity as CII introduced their remote invigilation offer – yes, we heard of all the teething problems in the early days but ultimately, it’s made exams much more accessible now, which offers huge benefits for those wanting to progress their qualifications during these times.

“We’ve responded to that and we have designed our revision workshops to be as relatable and colourful as all our other e-learning courses, to better help people learn and take advantage of this period. It was important to me when building The Art of Finance that we catered for all learning styles so students now have the choice of either e-Learning exam material if they’re confident studying independently and the revision workshops for those students who’d benefit from a more guiding and hand-on approach to learning”

Alongside the workshops, The Art of Finance website offers dedicated study materials for R01 through to R06. R06 is the most recent addition and a timely launch to support those preparing to sit that exam next month.

R06 e-Learning course

With the first 2021 sitting of R06 fast approaching, The Art of Finance is also offering an e-Learning course, which includes:

Unit 1 – Exam techniques, specific to R06.

Unit 2 – A refresh of key areas from previous exams – including generic questions.

Unit 3 – R06 financial planning content and how to apply it.

Unit 4 – A full review of the last R06 case study and exam.

Also included is access to a discussion portal on the e-learning platform, allowing candidates to communicate with tutors and peers on any tricky areas. A dedicated tutor will be available on the portal the day before the exam to help answer any specific questions.

Harrison adds that her team are already busy reviewing the R06 case study (which was made available online) and will be creating “a handy round up of likely areas that you will be asked about in the exam to help you prepare”.

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