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Tech firms offer support to help advice firms through crisis

30 March 2020

Tech firms have offered their support to help advisers navigate a new way of working as firms contend with the Coronavirus lockdown.

Iress has launched a new hub offering free technology-related information and support for the industry. Advisers can access a range of guidance and tools, including how to continue to support clients while working remotely, as well as how to access information securely.

Andrew Walsh, CEO, Iress, said: “In the past month, financial services businesses have had to adapt suddenly – with normal ways of working and interacting breaking down and the need for digital interaction rapidly accelerating.

“Sound management and guidance by financial professionals is one of the ways society will navigate this crisis. It’s our job to support and assist the financial community to do that through technology.”

Meanwhile, fintech Origo and cyber security specialist Beyond Encryption, have made the full version of their ‘Unipass Mailock’ sedure email service free to all users of Origo Unipass within financial advice firms for two months.

Advisers can access a code, valid until 10 April 2020, which will provide free access for the following 60 days, in an effort to safeguard businesses against cybercrime*.

Anthony Rafferty, managing director, Origo (pictured), said the threat of cybercrime has increased in recent weeks as financial firms adapt quickly to an escalating situation and many businesses operate in a remote working arrangement.

He commented: “Not only will they be sending emails between work colleagues but, with the end of the tax year and the volatility in the markets, there will be significant email communication with end clients too, potentially including personal and sensitive information.

“Origo and Beyond Encryption want to help support firms in this time of heightened risk. Our hope is that this action will help safeguard businesses over the coming months by enabling firms and their clients to securely and easily send documents and emails, and without having to suffer the costs and delays of using the post.”

Paul Holland, CEO and founder, Beyond Encryption, added: “The National Cyber Centre has warned that in the current economic and social environment, remote workers should be aware of the greater likelihood of email scams and the need for more protection of sensitive data.”

It follows a warning by the Financial Conduct Authority that a major event like Coronavirus can spark new types of scam activity.

The watchdog said scam tactics include clone firms, where scammers claim to represent authorised firms to appear genuine, in particular within the life insurance sector. Scammers may also advise people to invest or transfer existing investments, as well as invest in good causes related to the pandemic, with the promise of high returns.

How advice firms can access the Unipass Mailock service
The Unipass Mailock secure email service has been built to work seamlessly with Unipass Identity. Access is via www.UnipassMailock.com , clicking on the “Subscribe today” button and entering the voucher code 2monthsfree when prompted.

At the end of the 2 months the service will revert to a free read/reply account unless they choose the option to continue using the full service.

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