APRIL 2021


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Quilter Cheviot launches ESG discretionary strategy

10 March 2021

Quilter Cheviot has launched a discretionary ESG investment strategy amid growing demand from clients for investments “more aligned closely with their values.”

The funds-based “Positive Change” strategy invests in global equities, fixed income and alternatives with an emphasis on investor voting and engagement rather than companies that are already leaders in sustainability.

The wealth management firm said the strategy will hold several sustainable funds that will give discretionary clients exposure to companies that have more sustainable business practices and to those making a positive contribution to the environment and society.

Melissa Scaramellini, ESG fund research, Quilter Cheviot, said: “We know that more solutions are needed to tackle the issues facing the environment and society and that the majority of companies need to take further action to become more sustainable. We want to encourage that positive change and believe this strategy brings a pragmatic approach to achieving that.

“We are excited to bring a strategy to clients that combines funds that invest in companies that are already making a positive contribution along with funds managed by leading ESG practitioners that engage with companies to accelerate change where it’s needed.”

Andrew McGlone, chief executive, Quilter Cheviot, added: “Having embarked on our 250th anniversary year, we are more focussed than ever on looking to a progressive and sustainable future. Clients are increasingly concerned about climate change and other ESG related issues and we will continue to evolve our responsible investment offering to help align their investments more closely with their values.”

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