Practical guidance for R0 exam learning and R06 exam tips

6 July 2021

In this webinar Luiza Todd, director of Bespoke Training Solutions, a training firm specialising in CII R0 examinations, will provide practical guidance for R0 exam learning /exams and then go onto more focused tips for the July 2021 R06 exam.

The webinar will be split into two sections – starting with the R0 exam generically and then move on to consider R06 Financial Planning Practice, specifically looking at:

• What it’s made up of
• Key hints and tips
• July case study initial thoughts and insights

Learning objectives:

• understand some of the factors to consider when approaching your R0 exam journey;
• be able to outline one reason why each of R0 exam can be tricky;
• be able to explain what makes up the R06 Financial Planning Practice exam;
• be able to outline three key facts about each of the two July 2021 R06 exam case studies.


Professional Paraplanner