PFS Paraplanner Panel looks for paraplanners to get involved

10 March 2021

The Personal Finance Society’s Paraplanner Panel (PFS) is looking for paraplanners who would like to get involved with the panel’s activities and developing the paraplanning profession.

Caroline Stuart, founder of Sparrow Paraplanning, who heads up the panel and is a vice-president and board member of the PFS, said: “We are looking for paraplanners with a passion for paraplanning, who may have a little bit of time on their hands and would like both to help their fellow paraplanners and to develop our amazing profession.”

Stuart said when the pandemic took hold of the country, the panel had to postpone its various projects. “We had to put all the fantastic plans we had for the year on hold. Now, we want to get back on track with our plans, which include getting more paraplanners involved and making a difference for our profession.

“If you are a paraplanner who ticks all the boxes we’ve outlined, then PFS Paraplanner HQ would like to hear from you.”If you are interested, you can message the panel on Linkedin at PFS Paraplanner HQ  or on the Facebook page : and they will send you some more information.

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